In terms of the number of ratifications, the Marrakesh Treaty is a major success, promising new possibilities for people with print disabilities to access information. A sub-regional workshop in Quito, Ecuador, organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, will help ensure that legal change is matched by progress on the ground. Alicia Ocaso, of the Uruguayan Library Association, will represent IFLA.

As IFLA's own research has underlined that many countries which have formally signed up to the Treaty have yet to take the necessary steps to change their own laws. This is essential in order to give libraries and the people the serve the certainty they need to start making and giving access to copies of books in accessible formats.

Ecuador is setting a welcome example in this respect, establishing a network of 'authorised entities', to be launched during this workshop.

The event will provide an opportunity to highlight the experience and priorities of libraries, promote IFLA's guide on getting started with Marrakesh, and urge governments to make the right choices in their implementation of the Treaty.