Representatives from IFLA will attend the Second Inter-regional Conference for the Memory of the World to speak on our work towards preserving and providing access to Digital Heritage. 

A member of the Policy and Advocacy team will present IFLA’s Guidelines for Setting Up a Digital Unification Project (2019). This work was carried out by the Digital Unification Work Group between 2017-2019. These Guidelines provide a checklist, and recommendations, for libraries in the planning, delivery and finaliaation of project to provide digital access to collections across distance and borders.

Ingrid Parent, Past IFLA President and Chair of the UNESCO/PERSIST Content Task Force will speak on the UNESCO/PERSIST Guidelines for the selection of digital heritage for long-term preservation (2016).  These Guidelines are an overarching starting point for heritage institutions when drafting their own policies on the selection of digital heritage for long-term sustainable digital preservation. 

Learn more about UNESCO Memory of the World on their website.