The IFLA Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre hosted at the National Library of Poland  will hold 10 webinars over the coming months to offer beginning a basic understanding of digitisation projects. 

This first webinar will introduce the audience to projects aiming to preserve the past and present for future generations – it is free to join and will cover up-to-date practices for digitisation.

When: March 24, 14:00 CET (13:00 UTC).


About the Webinar:

Heritage Made Digital is the British Library’s major programme for developing a strategic approach to digitisation activity. The Library has been digitising its collections since the 1990s with hundreds of small and large projects completed over the decades. Sandra Tuppen and Richard Davies will talk through the vision of the programme, which started in 2017, the progress made with bringing together existing digital collections, starting new projects and the challenges of dealing with large scale, complex collections.

Strategic goals of the Center for Urban History (Lviv, Ukraine), were focused on researching the history of Eastern and Central European cities; fostering international academic and cultural exchange; deepening knowledge and understanding of the complexity and diversity of history and heritage in cities. Oleksandr Makhanets will speak about those and then will explain the change in activities.

The Center documents the impact of war on the society in Ukraine. They preserve websites, photographs, and audio stories about the war for future research, archiving, and eventual legal procedures. They save individual voices and experiences about the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis.

The Presenters:

Sandra has worked at the British Library for over 20 years in a variety of curatorial and project management roles.  She currently manages the Library’s Heritage Made Digital Programme. She is also active as an academic researcher, with interests in the digital humanities and musicology.

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Richard has worked for the British Library for the last 15 years and is currently Head of Collections Programmes. He leads on a range of large digital programmes which preserve and make available the Library’s collections to as wide an audience as possible.

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Oleksandr Makhanets is a historian, coordinator of the Urban Media Archive at the Center for Urban History. He is involved in the management and development of the visual collections, working with the application of digital tools to archiving. Since 2016 he is curating The Home Movie Day and [unarchiving] program which aims to promote and mainstream the problems of archival heritage to the broad audience.

Tomasz Gruszkowski is at IFLA PAC for digital preservation at the National Library of Poland and is available for questions and requests at


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