The UN Secretary General’s report on progress against the SDGs in 2023 has underlined both the potential of culture – from creators and institutions, to the underlining attitudes and beliefs that shape behaviour – to accelerate the achievement of the Goals.

Yet despite this, there is no culture goal, risking the under-valuation and under-integration of culture in the planning and delivery of development policies.

This session, organised by partners in the Culture2030Goal campaign is an opportunity therefore to think together about an alternative – what if there had been a culture goal? What would it look like, how would it fit within the whole, and what might it mean in terms of national implementation of the SDGs?

Join us on 12 July 2023, at 12:30-13:45 UTC (see what time this is for you) – you can register at this link.

In particular, the session will:

  • Explore the shape of a potential culture goal, drawing on the Culture2030Goal campaign’s zero-draft as presented at the 2022 UNESCO MONDIACULT Conference
  • Examine the interlinkages between a potential culture goal and existing SDGs, highlighting in particular opportunities to accelerate progress
  • Provide a snapshot of research into the place of culture in 2023 VNRs.
  • Take stock of the High-Level Meeting on Culture and Sustainable Development, organised by the UN President of the General Assembly


  • John Crowley (independent)
  • Jordi Pascual (UCLG Culture Committee)
  • Bretony Colville (ICOMOS)
  • Jorge do Prado (FEBAB Brazil)