IFLA’s PAC Centre for digital preservation hosted at the National Library of Poland is holding a series of 10 webinars to walk beginners through the route to basic understanding of digitisation projects.

The sixth webinar in the series will explore technical standards and guidelines and their role for digitisation projects of different scope.

When: September 22nd, 14:00 CEST
Join here: https://tinyurl.com/IFLA-PAC-webinar-6  (No registration needed)

Recordings of all webinars in this series can be found online at: https://tinyurl.com/IFLA-PAC-Digital

About the Webinar

Martina Hoffmann (Swiss National Library) and Tomasz Gruszkowski (National Library of Poland) will provide some theory (very practice oriented) and real-life examples. There will be a possibility of sending your questions to the speakers in chat.

Martina Hoffmann will ask the question crucial for what you get and what you see after digitizing:  what does implementing a Standard or a Guideline mean and how it can help, and what decisions have to be made? In this webinar we will take an overview look into what kinds of Standards or Guidelines for the digitisation of Cultural heritage there are and where they differ or not. Martina will propose how to use them in practice and what is the meaning of applying them for different sizes of operations.

Tomasz Gruszkowski will moderate the webinar and ask questions.

About the Speakers

Martina is currently the Head of digitisation Service at the Swiss National Library where she is responsible for all varieties of digitisation projects large and small and implementing standardized workflows. Formerly working in the Netherlands in the National Archive as well as the KB she has implemented Standards and Guidelines in digitisation projects in a long period of time. Internationally Martina Hoffmann is taking an active part of outreach in the Cultural Heritage field.

Tomasz has been with the Digital Collections Department of the National Library of Poland since March 2016, introducing and maintaining digitisation standards at the digital lab, overseeing the public tender for purchase of digitisation equipment. Director of IFLA Preservation and Conservation Centre for digital preservation at the National Library. He has delivered lectures and speeches on digitisation, standards, cultural heritage, digital preservation at conferences and congresses.

Questions or requests for future webinars? Please contact Tomasz Gruszkowski at t.gruszkowski@bn.org.pl

Short URL: https://tinyurl.com/IFLA-PAC-webinar-6

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