The first ever UNESCO Digital Learning Week takes place in Paris on 4-7 September, with a focus on both the potential of digital tools to support education and the measured needed to avoid risks. 

Taking place in the same week as International Literacy Day, the event brings together educators, technologists, national representatives and UN officials in order to think holistically about how we can use digital tools to improve education for all.

The potential of digital tools, services and platforms to increase the reach of education and complement the work of teachers is clear, although it is far from realised everywhere. Indeed, there is concern that digital tools could be concentrated in the hands of those who are already privileged, deepening inequalities.

Moreover, these tools also bring concerns, notably around equity, privacy, effectiveness, and respect for human rights. The conference will address all of these issues.

IFLA will participate in a panel looking at digital education platforms and the protection of freedom of expression and access to information, stressing the need to recognise and modernise media literacy, give a central role to teachers and librarians, and ensure that any restrictions on freedom of expression is proportionate, reasonable and effective.