Organised by the C. H. Mohammed Koya Library – University of Calicut, this three-day conference will discuss “different aspirations and apprehensions of the library professionals on futuristic information systems.”

University of Calicut International Online Conference 2022Conference theme: Futuristic Information Systems: Aspirations and Apprehensions

The library and information science domain is very keen to adopt and apply new developments in the field of technology. The LIS profession has always been influenced by socio-economic developments around the world.

Data economy, AI, and robotics have brought about drastic changes in teaching, learning , research and industry and those changes will invariably impact LIS practices. The COVID-19 pandemic has a profound impact on the conventional modes of practices in the LIS field. This international conference aims to throw light on the demands and challenges of futuristic information systems. The library and information profession is on the verge of total role change. The present era demands for novel strategies for user engagement, for creative outcomes in research and academics, which necessitates offering of new services. The Conference shall set off to identify, acquire and polish with groundbreaking resourcefulness for the present and upcoming demands in the library and information field. This conference is organized with the core conviction that upgradation and enhancement of skills, knowledge, attitude and values are essential for offering better service to humanity

IFLA President Barbara Lison will deliver a keynote address on 24 August on the theme of “Librarians – essential elements of Futuristic information system”

SOURCE: University of Calicut