Organised by the C. H. Mohammed Koya Library – University of Calicut, this free three-day conference “highlights the evolving role of libraries in the modern digital age and underscores how libraries go beyond their traditional functions and embrace new roles and technologies to better serve their communities.”

Conference theme: Libraries beyond Libraries: Innovation, Inclusion and Integration

Libraries integrate with various aspects of society, including technology, education, and cultural activities to provide comprehensive and integrated services. Libraries today focus on inclusivity and ensure that their services are accessible to all. Libraries are are also embracing new technologies, fostering inclusivity, and integrating with other organisations to create a more holistic and vibrant community resource.

The themes and subthemes of University of Calicut’s International Online Conference 2024 reflect the transformation of libraries into dynamic and multifaceted community hubs that extend their reach beyond traditional book lending services.

IFLA President Vicki McDonald will deliver a keynote address titled “Leave no-one behind”.

SOURCE: University of Calicut, India