The Urban 20 Summit brings together mayors from G20 countries around the world in order to explore and highlight the role of cities in achieving key policy objectives. IFLA will participate in the meeting, using the opportunity to underline how a new vision of libraries, and concerted efforts to support and mobilise them. 

The Urban 20 (U20) process grew out of the wider G20 one, where the leaders of the world’s main economies meet in order to coordinate in their responses to key global challenges. Over the years, it has grown in scope, including more and more issues that are of high relevance to libraries, such as education, culture, and sustainable urbanisation.

When mayors meet in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 30-31 August, it will be the 5th edition. Key themes on the agenda will be enhancing digital transformation, strengthening the global health architecture, and fostering a sustainable energy transition. Themes of the future of work and inclusion will cut across the discussions.

The event is an opportunity to encourage mayors to take a new look at libraries, and how they can contribute to the achievement of the goals set out above. With so many good examples already of how the strengths of libraries can be mobilised to deliver inclusion and protect rights, IFLA will be highlighting practices that already exist, and urging cities around the world to do the same.

IFLA is participating in the meeting as a partner of the U20 process, and will also hold a side event at the National Library of Indonesia in the morning of 30 August, as well as engaging more broadly with the Indonesian library field.

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