Flyer for the 30 IFLA is proud to be working with the National Library of Indonesia to host a side-event to the Urban 20 meeting of mayors, focused on how cities can draw on all elements of their learning infrastructure to deliver inclusive education. The event takes place on 30 August 2022, from 9am local time.

Libraries, alongside other formal, informal and non-formal learning institutions, have a key role to play in supporting efforts at the city level to give everyone the skills they need to realise their potential, today and tomorrow.

To realise this potential, it is essential to include these players in needs assessment, policy design and implementation.

Therefore, tying in with the emphasis of the Urban 20 Summit on inclusive future labour markets and digital transformation, we’re very happy to be working with the National Library of Indonesia to organise a side-event on the topic of Enabling Cities, Caring Cities.

This will draw on the rich experience of the National Library of Indonesia, as well as that of educators, in order to set out what is possible, and how to mobilise existing infrastructure and resources best.

Speakers will include:

  • Mr Muhammad Syarif Bando, Director General of the National Library of Indonesia
  • Ms Nani Zulminarni, President, Asia-Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
  • Moderator: Mr Stephen Wyber, Director, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA

See also our event page for the U20 Summit. Read also our research on the role of libraries in urban regeneration and in adult education strategies.