As part of the IFLA RDC-Asia Oceania Action plan on UN Sustainable Development Goals, IFLA Regional Division Committee South Asia Working Group is planning to organise a webinar on the South Asian Libraries and UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 3 December, 12pm New Delhi time.

The South Asia Working Group (IFLA RDC-Asia Oceania)is headed by Dr Debal Kar (India) with Dr Dilara Begum (Bangladesh), Md. Al Mamun (Bangladesh) and Ms. Premila Gamage (Sri Lanka) as members.

The Webinar will be focused on the best practices by South Asian libraries and librarians in their support of the UN SDGs. Through this program, the IFLA Regional Division Committee for Asia and Oceania aims to inspire and encourage colleagues within the region to advance their efforts to bring the UN SDGs to fruition.

Theme 1: Libraries’ Engagement with National Authorities

Theme 2: Community Engagement through Library Programmes

Helen Mandl, Acting Secretary General of IFLA (Opening Remarks)

Winston Roberts, Chair of IFLA- AO Division

Mohan Rambhau Kherde, President, Indian Library Association

Also, speakers from libraries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan

View the recording of this webinar.