Libraries will continue to deliver rich and engaging services and spaces for users in the post-recovery world but will increasingly be called upon to balance core design objectives with the need to protect the health and wellbeing of our users and staff.  For example, there may be a tension between creating collaborative and flexible environments for our users to explore, creating rich learning environments and creating flexible staff workspaces for collaboration while also acknowledging the need for more flexible staff work arrangements. This provocation session will look at possible changes when libraries fully reopen after a substantial event (pandemic or fire, for example) and what may remain the same. Some questions will include “What does ‘different ways of working’ really mean?” “How will users different behaviours and needs in a post-recovery world influence/impact library space?” “How will aesthetics and atmosphere influence wellbeing and safety for staff and users?” “What design opportunities are available to meet these challenges?”

Session Chair: Sharon Bostick, Chicago USA


Session Panel Speakers:

Mr James Grose, Sydney Australia 

Dr Reggie Raju, Cape Town, South Africa  

Ms Karen Latimer, Belfast, Ireland