The All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature will be holding a working meeting with IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón on 20 April 2018. The meeting will take place in the framework of the 2nd Annual Foresight Session, "Shaping the Future of Libraries". 

This year's theme is "UN Sustainable Development Goals and IFLA's Global Vision: points of growth for the modern library?"


  • V.V. Duda, Director General of the Library of Foreign Literature;
  • L.A. Kazachenkova, general director of the "Modern Library" Publishing Consulting Centre


  • Greeting from IFLA President Glòria Pérez-Salmerón
  • Greeting of the President of the Russian Library Association M.D. Afanasyev
  • Greeting of the President of the National Library Association "Libraries of the Future", Ya.L. Schreiberg
  • Open mic issues for discussion

Block 1: International Landscape

  • The UN 2030 Agenda: are libraries able to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and what should they change for themselves?
  • Globalisation and individuality: how not to lose national identity by participating in international projects
  • Professional interaction: indicators of its effectiveness for the development of librarianship in specific countries

Block 2: Library and Society

  • What does the Global Vision Project mean? Why should a person go to the library? Why does society need libraries?
  • How to find a balance between entertainment and intellectual/scientific work?
  • Digital technology: the all-powerful competitor of a traditional library, or the members of the same team?

Block 3: Library as a living organism

  • What are the growth points of a modern library?
  • What are the indicators of the effectiveness of the modern library?
  • Do business technologies need to develop the library?
  • "Can I help you?", or how to solve personnel problems

The theme of President Pérez-Salmerón's presentation will be "Libraries: Motors of Change".

The All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature also hosts the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Centre (PAC) for Eastern Europe and The CIS and the meeting will also see the official launch of an educational centre for the Eastern Europe and The CIS PAC Centre.

SOURCE: All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (in Russian)