Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Advisory Committee

The overall objective of IFLA/FAIFE is to raise awareness of the essential correlation between the library concept and the values of intellectual freedom. To reach this goal IFLA/FAIFE collects and disseminates documentation and aims to stimulate a dialog both within and outside the library world.

FAIFE works to protect intellectual freedom and freedom of expression. This work includes:

  • Publish reports, participate in national and international conferences and organize workshops.
  • Monitor the state of intellectual freedom within the library community world-wide and publish newsletters and online news.
  • Respond to violations of free access to information and freedom of expression and make press releases.
  • Support IFLA policy development and co-operation with other international human rights organizations.

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FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Strategic Programmes

Last update: 19 February 2018

Latest News

Stay Safe Online? Go to your Library! IFLA Celebrates Safer Internet Day 2018

Libraries guarantees people access to knowledge through literacy, innovation and creativity. Through the work of libraries, users young and old are empowered to discover, better their lives and stay safe online. They guarantee a strong and democratic society and they enable an open and informed citizenry.

6 February 2018

Libraries, Media and Information Literacy Only Sustainable Response to Fake News

Faced with growing concerns over fake news, the European Union launched a consultation on fake news, and how to fight it in November 2017. IFLA has responded, underlining that the only sustainable response is a literate, critical population. Libraries are essential in delivering this, and should be supported to do so.

2 February 2018

Libraries Lead in the War on Information Poverty: IFLA Addresses UN Commission on Social Development

The sustainable development of our societies requires access to information for all, and libraries are essential to achieving this. Donna Scheeder (IFLA President, 2015-2017) underlined this point in her address to the UN Commission on Social Development on 30 January in New York.

31 January 2018