The Acquisition and Collection Development (ACD) Section focuses on collections – a core function of libraries

The ACD Section gives support and guidance to acquisition and collection development librarians throughout the world, helping them to plan, build, and acquire useful, balanced collections of library materials in all formats, at all types of libraries.

Through a range of activities that document and show the global diversity of practices, offer opportunities for professional development and knowledge exchange, and develop guidelines and best practices, the Section helps libraries better understand today’s challenges and learn of new options and solutions. The Section covers all regions and all library types – national and state libraries, academic libraries, public libraries, school libraries, and special libraries, etc.

Both acquisition and collection development are in a state of rapid change due to the shift to electronic publishing and open access. It is difficult to predict the future of acquisition in an open world, and the challenges for libraries can differ depending on the library type and region.

The Section’s current focus areas of change and challenge include the following:

  • Acquisition and collection strategies and practices in a time of change
  • Impact of open access and open science on acquisition and collection development
  • Opportunities and challenges of acquisition and collection development in consortial environments
  • The evolution of collective action and shared collection development
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion in acquisition and collection development practices
  • Evaluation and collection analysis

The Section collaborates with other IFLA units and advisory committees on relevant topics.

The Section sponsors the LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group and the Library Publishing Special Interest Group. It is also part of the Professional Division F.