Government Libraries Section (GOVLIB) includes librarians and information professionals who work for government at all levels. We also welcome librarians in related sectors and those who share similar interests.

Our main aim is to promote the value and work of government librarians, libraries and information services to other librarians, stakeholders and decision-makers in the field.

Our goals

  • Bring government librarians and their stakeholders together to ensure decision-makers recognise the value librarians provide.
  • Imbed advocacy by and for government librarians to improve perceptions and achieve goals.
  • Increase collaboration between government librarians and others to exchange best practice and learn from success.

What we do

GOVLIB is guided by a Standing Committee which elects its officers – the Chair, Secretary and Information Coordinator.

During the annual IFLA Congress we invite an influential keynote speaker to our session. Further sessions may be jointly organised with other sections. These sessions reflect section goals and priorities as well as the Congress theme.

We hold satellite meetings linked to Congress, and recently held a successful mid-term conference in Westminster, London – December 2019.

We are currently revising our Guidelines for Government Libraries, with a focus on advocacy.

This unit is part of the Professional Division B.