The Section on Education and Training (SET) focuses on the new competencies and tools professional and emerging librarians need in this challenging and rapidly changing information age.

Our section addresses the skills professionals require to take on leadership roles and to become advocates and change-makers who enrich the lives of the diverse communities they serve.

SET serves library and information professionals, teaching staff, practitioners and managers with teaching responsibilities. Our goal is to find solutions for sustainable library community development and engagement.

Education and training for libraries and information services concerns all IFLA Professional Units. SET seeks collaboration with other IFLA Sections, especially the Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section, as well as other international and regional associations pursuing similar missions.

SET has a Special Interest Group “LIS Education in Developing Countries (LISEDC SIG)” that focuses on LIS curriculum, programs, expertise, accreditation and standards for librarians in developing countries.

Also of special interest to SET is its “Building Strong Library and Information Science Education Working Group (BSLISE)” who develop global standards for library education.

SET’s Action Plan 2020-2021 focuses on leading programs, projects, and events and publishing a newsletter. Future plans include working with IFLA to develop an e-learning portal for Education and Training accessible worldwide. This initiative is especially crucial in the aftermath of COVID-19.

SET encourages funding organisations to support the participation of students and professionals from developing countries in both IFLA and its future e-learning portal programmes and activities.

This unit is part of the Professional Division C.

This unit is sponsoring LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group.