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Dr. Shawky Salem Conference Grant (SSCG)

Aims and objectives of the Grant

The Dr. Shawky Salem Conference Grant (SSCG) is an annual grant established by Dr. Shawky Salem and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The aim of the grant is to enable one expert in library and information sciences from the Arab Countries (AC) to attend the Annual IFLA Conference. Candidates should not have attended an IFLA conference previously, be of Arab nationality, not exceed 45 years, have experience at least 5 years in LIS profession or teaching, have the approval of his / her organization.

The persons / organizations who won SSCG earlier have not the right to apply again, to give chance to other persons / organizations in AC to receive the grant.

The winner of the Grant will write a report on the conference (3 copies): copy to IFLA, copy to the organization of the grantee, copy to Dr. Salem.

Financial provisions

The grant is to meet up to a maximum of USD 1,900 the cost of travel (economy class air transportation) to and from the host country of the conference, registration, hotel costs and a per diem allowance.


IFLA will act as administrator to the grant and will provide the Secretary of the jury.


The deadline for receiving applications is 15 March of the relevant year.

The selection of a grantee will be made before 14 April of the relevant year by a jury consisting members appointed by Dr. Salem and by IFLA. The grantee will be informed of his or her selection by the Secretary of the Jury in April every year.

Download the 2018 application:


MS Word | PDF


MS Word | PDF

Applications for the grant should be sent to:

Shawky Salem Conference Grant (SSCG)
IFLA Headquarters
P.O.B. 95312
2509 CH The Hague

Fax: +31 70 3834827
Email: grants@ifla.org

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Last update: 16 January 2018