Title The Estonian National Bibliography
Web site address http://www.nlib.ee/national-bibliography/ 
Start date The National Bibliography of Estonia was published in print format 1940-2005. The Estonian National Bibliography database was launched in 2004, and after that the National Library gradually stopped compiling paper versions of the national bibliography lists.
Period covered 1900 to date 
Current size 223647 (October 2010)
Media covered Books, journals, newspapers, maps, serials, sheet music, videos, sound recordings, e-resources.
General selection criteria To collect, preserve and make available all documents (books, periodicals, sheet music, maps, audiovisual and electronic items) published in Estonia or abroad in the Estonian language, or related to Estonia, regardless of their place of publication.
Selection criteria for digital resources Printed and digital materials on physical carriers are subject to legal deposit and subsequently described in the National Bibliography after deposit by publishers. Web publications (in PDF format) are also archived and registered according to Legal Deposit Act since 2006. General criteria for the registration of web publications: their publication, identifiability, exaustiveness, long-term and permanent value, place of publication (according to publisher).  
Publications which are collected: serials and monographs, conference proceedings, government publications, academic works, cartographic publications and sheet music, websites providing substantial thematic information and websites of private persons and organisations. 
Exclusions policies applied Printed materials: items of limited usage (e.g departmental regulations and reports) and temporary nature, standards, patents, and booklets, materials of temporary nature as the appendixes and contents of periodical publications, periodically published crosswords.Web publications: booklets issued on the Internet and web-based audiovisual materials, computer games, audiovisuals, portals, newsgroups, intranet publications, advertisements, radio broadcasts
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control National Library of Estonia
Web site address of national bibliographic agency http://www.nlib.ee/national-bibliography/ 
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography National Library of Estonia (NLE) is the national bibliography agency for Estonia. Retrospective national bibliography is compiled in cooperation with the Academic Library of the Tallinn University and the Archival Library of the Estonian Literary Museum.NLE also acts as the Estonian ISBN, ISSN and ISMN agency and legal deposit library, receiving 2 deposit copies of printed publications, audiovisual items and electronic publications.  
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies The Estonian National Bibliography database http://erb.nlib.ee from 2004 to date. The database contains both retrospective and current national bibliography data and is divided into the following national bibliography collections: books, journals, newspapers, maps, serials, sheet music, videos, sound recordings, periodicals, official publications and e-resources.Since 1999 the New Estonian Books is published as web publication. The data is updated at the beginning of each month. The list contains books published in Estonia in any language and Estonian-language books, e-publications and non-music audiovisual documents issued outside Estonia.Online publication Serials covers all newspapers, journals, continuing resources and updating loose-leafs published in Estonia as well as those in the Estonian language published elsewhere during the same year. It includes electronic publications on physical carriers and online publications.
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography Data is created in-house.
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements The national bibliography includes the material provided under the Legal Deposit Act.  
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme CIP Programme is a free cooperative venture between publishers and National Library of Estonia which enables books to be catalogued before they are published. Comprehensive information is entered in the shared catalogue of the ELNET Consortium (http://tallinn.ester.ee). CIP-records serve as the basis of a definitive record at national bibliography level. A record is excluded from the database of CIP-records after the publication reaches the National Library of Estonia.
Media & format options HTML, MARC exchange file
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web database, Z39.50 (RSS feed planned)
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Table of contents, book covers and jackets planned, but not yet offered.
Web 2.0 services offered
Frequency of service updates Monthly
Target audiences for services Academic/public libraries, members of the public, book trade, etc.
Uses made of  services offered Statistical enquiries about national output planned, not yet offered.
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services The National Bibliography operates on free basis, funded by the State
Availability of metadata for re-use National bibliography metadata is available through shared catalogue ESTER based on contracts with ELNET Consortium (free of charge).
Metadata formats MARC21
Cataloguing code ISBD (description) and AACR2 (access points)
Levels of description offered ISBD, national bibliographic level
Subject standards Estonian Subject Thesaurus, UDC
Name authority standards AACR2
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? Yes
Date information submitted 01.11.2010
Information supplied by Kristel Veimann