Title Bibliografia nazionale italiana (BNI) = Italian National Bibliography
Web site address http://www.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/pagina.php?id=187&rigamenu=Presentazione 
Start date Began 1958
Period covered Since 1958 onwards
Current size 1.020.000 records (about)
Media covered Printed books: Monographs, Printed music, Periodicals (Series), Children’s books, School books, PhD thesis
General selection criteria The Italian National Bibliography (BNI) records the nation’s publications and includes selective coverage of printed publications since 1958 in Italy, in accordance with the Italian legal deposit law
Selection criteria for digital resources Now PhD thesis in digital format only: an experimental project of harvesting and cataloguing PhD thesis deposited on line from Universities is going on
Exclusions policies applied BNI is made up of six series . Each of ones applies own specific policies of exclusions. The principal serie Monographs, f.e., excludes these publications: the material, that for its nature, is generally addressed to special categories of people, or for private or short-lived interests. Also no book material is excluded, except the experimental project for PhD Thesis. Government publications and international organization’s official publications, especially if they are not monographic publications. Laws, legislative  decrees, regulations and labour contracts, etc. without  commentaries or specified for special reader categories. Publications of political parties, trade unions, Chambers of commerce, cultural and religious associations, and etc., which haven’t a general interest (part of grey literature). Pastoral letters and other official documents of other religious authorities and other minor religious publications. Commercial literature and  re-edition of  romances. Grey literature obtained in subscription and/or membership. Reprints, if the relative edition is never described, pre-prints, specimens and similar; gift editions, when they are exact reprints of the relative edition, even if they have a different cover and/or presentation; handbooks and books for the nursery and primary schools. The secondary school’s handbooks are described in an another specific series (School books in DVD and on line format only). Biographical writings for occasional and devoted events; almanacs and similar, patents, extracts, also if presented in a series. Exhibit catalogues,  private gallery catalogues, show programs, and  touristy brochures. Publisher catalogues and antiquarian book trade catalogues, without historical and scientific aims. Advertising and book trade catalogues, if they aren’t  the only source in a specific domain, for example: stamps, coins and other art object catalogues. Printed music, which is described in two specific semester  issues. Duplicated lecture notes for internal use; separately published talks and presentations for particular occasions, cartographic material.
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control A single national central library: since1886, with the publication of the Italian Publishing Bulletin for Copyright Deposit,  the National Central Library of Florence became the National Bibliographic Agency
Web site address of national bibliographic agency http://www.bncf.firenze.sbn.it/pagina.php?id=187&rigamenu=Presentazione
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography The records for BNI are catalogued in SBN (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale: National Librarian Service), except these for the serie Children’s books , which is produced in collaboration with a private society (IDEST). National bibliography for children’s literature – Liber journal’s editorial insert which continues the BNI’s serial Libri per ragazzi has been started  in 1995 and lists all the children national publications. The publications are described when they are distributed and listed
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies BNI is made up of six series : Monographs, Printed music, Periodicals, Children’s books, School books, PhD thesis
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography Multiple sources: data created in-house and from other libraries in SBN Index, then integrated and validated from NBA
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements All material is received by the NBA under national legal deposit arrangment
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme There isn’t a CIP programme
Media & format options Five printed issues, DVD, Cumulative database, accessible on-line with a subscription, or with the access from local BNCF workstations
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue, OAI-PMH, SRU
Metadata enhancements offered via online services no
Web 2.0 services offered no
Frequency of service updates DVD updated every two months,  School books  only on DVD annual. For the printed series the recurrence is different: Monographs monthly, Printed Music and Serials semi-annual, Children’s books quarterly, PhD thesis tri-quarterly
Target audiences for services Every kind of target audiences
Uses made of  services offered Every kind of use, compatible with subscription conditions
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services National Bibliography  operates with a cost recovery system,  based on a convention with a private society as printer and distributor of BNI products
Availability of metadata for re-use The whole BNI metadata are released by subscriptions, moreover they are of public domain inside the OPAC of BNCF, but not distinguishable from other records not described for BNI
Metadata formats UNIMARC
Cataloguing code Regole italiane di catalogazione: REICAT
Levels of description offered ISBD,  description of SUP level in Index SBN
Subject standards DDC: Classificazione decimale Dewey 22. edizione italiana; Classificazione Decimale Dewey 14. ridotta ediz. Italiana; Nuovo soggettario
Name authority standards UNIMARC/A, GARR
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? Yes it is