Title The National Bibliography of Latvia
Web site address


Start date Began 1920
Period covered 1525 to date
Current size

About 4 500 000 records (04.2018.)

Media covered Printed publications (books and serials), e-resources, electronic off-line publications; maps, printed music, graphics, small prints, video/audio and sound records, articles in periodicals
General selection criteria Includes resources published in Latvia, resources on Latvia or created by Latvian authors published throughout the world
Selection criteria for digital resources Main criteria: on-line books and serials, resources of culture-historical importance, scientific and educational resources, resources with “Latvian” content
Exclusions policies applied Computer games, ephemera, news, blogs etc.
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control National bibliographic agency – the Bibliography Institute is a structural unit of the National Library of Latvia (NLL)
Web site address of national bibliographic agency

Bibliography Institute https://lnb.lv/en/structure/bibliography-institute

ISBN/ISMN Agency https://lnb.lv/en/publishers/isbn-and-ismn

ISSN Centre https://lnb.lv/en/publishers/issn

Standardization https://lnb.lv/en/librarians/standardization

Legal deposit https://lnb.lv/en/publishers/legal-deposit

Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography ISBN/ISMN and ISSN agencies are part of NBA.
Latvian Publishers' Association (LPA): http://www.gramatizdeveji.lv/index_en.php
Latvian Association of Press Publishers: http://www.lpia.lv 
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies

Single access point through discovery service "Primo":


Separate databases still exist:

1) e-catalogue of NLL (monographs of the national bibliography since 2018)
2) monographs and continuing publications (monographs till 2017; continuing publications to date)
3) articles in periodicals (analytic bibliography)
4) maps, printed music (in e-catalogue of NLL)

5) e-resources, electronic off-line publications (in e-catalogue of NLL)

6) video/audio and sound records (in e-catalogue of NLL)
7) small prints and graphics (separate database)

Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography Data are created in-house as well as derived from publishers, other libraries and private company archive (articles in periodicals)
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements Publications are received under national Legal Deposit Law (includes also e-publications and online publications) http://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=136682 
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme

Prepublication records are not included in the national bibliography since 2018

Media & format options Online databases; PDF
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue, Z39.50
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Book jackets; tables of content, annotations, reviews, links to full text
Web 2.0 services offered
Frequency of service updates

Online databases – daily;

New Books from Latvia (PDF) – biweekly;

The Index of Periodicals (PDF) annual

Target audiences for services Academic / public libraries; publishers; book sellers; researchers; general public
Uses made of  services offered


Derived cataloguing;

Retrospective conversion;


New Books from Latvia (PDF)

The Index of Periodicals (PDF)

Pricing policy for national bibliographic services

National bibliography operates on a free basis

Availability of metadata for re-use Without restriction
Metadata formats MARC21
Cataloguing code

RDA since 2017

Levels of description offered

National bibliographic level

Subject standards LCSH (version in Latvian); UDC (notations are translated into Latvian)
Name authority standards RDA
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? Yes
Date information submitted 20.04.2018
Information supplied by

Ilva Ake, Expert of National Bibliography, Data and Knowledge Management Department, Bibliography Institute, National Library of Latvia