Title Magyar Nemzeti Bibliográfia (Hungarian National
Web site address Books: http://www.oszk.hu/mnbwww/K/BIBLI.HTML;
Serials: http://www.oszk.hu/mnbwww/P/BIBLI.HTML;
Maps: http://www.oszk.hu/mnbwww/T/BIBLI.HTML;
Printed musics: http://www.oszk.hu/mnbwww/Z/BIBLI.HTML;
Sound recordings: http://www.oszk.hu/mnbwww/H/BIBLI.HTML
Start date Printed (1946-2002), pdf (2003-2006), html
Period covered Printed (1946-2002), html (2002-), online
database: 1975- (records for older documents are added sequentially)
Current size Online databases: about 700.000; retro conversion in the database is in progress.
Media covered Printed, electronic books and continuing
resources, printed musics, maps, sound recordings.
General selection criteria Documents published in Hungary.
Selection criteria for digital resources Offline publications and online books (ebooks)
Exclusions policies applied grey literature, computer games and programmes,
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control single national library
Web site address of national bibliographic agency
Co-operative structures or relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies Current
issues of the national bibliography are separated for different material categories:

(including CD, DVD ebooks);
Sound recordings.
database covers all publications.
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography Data is created in-house. Records are first
created in the NSZL general catalogue (http://nektar2.oszk.hu/librivision_eng.html),
and then are extracted to be published in the national bibliography
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements All material included in the HNB is received by
HNL under national legal deposit arrangements.
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme No CIP programme in Hungary.
Media & format options
The issues
of the HNB were printed till 2002; PDF  format (2003-2006 – Books); the html format since 2007 (subject year: 2002-)
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue, Z39.50, FTP (for partners)
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Book jackets
Web 2.0 services offered
Frequency of service updates
The web
issues of the HNB (html)

Books –
twice a month
Maps, Printed musics, Sound recordings – quarterly
The web
catalogue is online.
Target audiences for services academic/public libraries.
Uses made of services offered acquisition/selection, derived cataloguing,
retrospective conversion.
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services non-profit
Availability of metadata for re-use
Metadata formats HUNMARC (MARC21)
Cataloguing code Hungarian standards and rules of the
bibliographical description (ISBD)
Levels of description offered ISBD complete
Subject standards UDC, Köztaurusz. (Universal thesaurus of
National Széchényi Library, public libraries, scientific and technical
Geotaurusz. (Thesaurus of geographical names)
Name authority standards NSZL rules of the authority files (MARC21)
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? No
Date information submitted 8/5/2012
Information supplied by Szabolcs Dancs, Director of Collection Development, National Széchényi
Library / Bibliothèque nationale Széchényi, Budapest, Hungary