Title The Polish National Bibliography (Polska Bibliografia Narodowa)
Web site address http://bn.org.pl/en/catalogues-and-bibliographies/bibliographies-online/
Start date Began 1924
Period covered 1901 to date
Current size Online databases: 1,691,145Printed bibliography: 3,236,196, retro conversion in the database is in progress
Media covered Printed books and serials, articles in periodicals, audio (recorded music and non-music recordings), printed music, maps, offline publications.
General selection criteria Include Polish publishing output received by the NL under the legal deposit act and works published abroad in Polish, translations into other languages of Polish works published abroad, works about Poland published abroad in other languages (mainly books, printed music, atlases, theses).
Selection criteria for digital resources Only offline documents.
Exclusions policies applied Books < 16 pages, reports, grey literature, ephemera, movies.
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control Biblioteka Narodowa (The National Library of Poland)
Web site address of national bibliographic agency http://bn.org.pl/en/catalogues-and-bibliographies/bibliographies-online/
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography ISBN/ISMN and ISSN agencies are part of the NL.
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies

The Polish National Bibliography includes the following parts:

  • "Przewodnik Bibliograficzny” (Bibliographic Guide) – Monographs, printed music. Issued weekly. 
  • "Polonica Zagraniczne” (Foreign Polonica) – Works published outside Poland: written in Polish or by people who have Polish background or works which have contents relating to Poland. Issued once a year. 
  • "Bibliografia Wydawnictw Ciągłych Nowych, Zawieszonych i Zmieniających Tytuł” (Bibliography of Serials New, Ceased and Changed Titles) – Issued quartely. 
  • "Bibliografia Zawartości Czasopism” (Index to Periodicals) – Issued monthly. 
  • "Bibliografia Dokumentów Elektronicznych” (Bibliography of Electronic Documents) – e-books, conferences, thesis, maps, games and programs. Issued half-yearly. 
  • "Bibliografia Dokumentów Dźwiękowych” (Bibliography of Sound Recordings) – Issued quaterly 
  • "Bibliografia Dokumentów Kartograficznych” (Bibliography of Cartographic Materials) –  Issued once a year.

Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography The source to produce NB is data created in-house: bibliographic records of the NL.
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements The material is received by the NBA under legal deposit law.
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme CIP programme has been practiced in Poland since 1988, but it is hardly used by publishers. No pre publication records.
Media & format options MARC (MARC21, MARC-BN) and MARC exchange filesPrinted bibliographies were replaced by PDF version in 2010
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue, Z39.50, FTP.
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Not yet offered.
Web 2.0 services offered Not yet offered.
Frequency of service updates Depending on the part of bibliography (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly).
Target audiences for services Librarian professionals in general, scientific researches, members of the public.
Uses made of  services offered Acquisition/selection, derived cataloguing and regional and thematic bibliographies.
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services Polish National Bibliography operates all online bases for free. Instead it provides cost recovery for special services that involve further manual labour.
Availability of metadata for re-use Polish National Bibliography metadata is released for free into public domain without restriction (except for profit business)
Metadata formats MARC21 (older databases in MARC-BN)
Cataloguing code Przepisy katalogowania (Polish cataloguing rules)
Levels of description offered ISBD
Subject standards UDC, JHP BN (National Library of Poland Subject Headings)
Name authority standards Polish standards compatible with GARR
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? No