Title Thai National Bibliography (TNB)
Web site address https://www.nlt.go.th
Start date Began 1976
Period covered 1976 –
(Printed books: 1976-2000,
CD-ROM: 2001 to date)
Current size Approx.1 million
Media covered Printed books
General selection criteria Books or all publications printed in or related toThailand.
Selection criteria for digital resources As for general selection criteria.
Exclusions policies applied Grey literature, computer games, ephemera.
Primary organisation responsible for national bibliographic control National Library of Thailand
Web site address of national bibliographic agency https://www.nlt.go.th
Co-operative structures or  relationships supporting the production of the national bibliography National Library of Thailand is the ISBN agency for Thailand and National Library of Thailand, ISBN, publishers.
Single integrated or multiple categorised bibliographies TNB has been divided into;
1.Main Sequence
2.Indexes – 1) Author Index – 2) Title Index – 3) Cremation Book Index
Sources of bibliographic metadata used to produce national bibliography Most data created in-house.
Relationship to national legal deposit legislation or voluntary deposit arrangements Press Act  A.D.2007
Relationship to national Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) programme CIP and pre publication records included in national bibliographic services.
Media & format options Printed books: 1976-2000
CD-ROM: PDF format (2001 to date)
Access options to national bibliographic metadata Web catalogue  and Z39.50
Metadata enhancements offered via online services Table of contents
Web 2.0 services offered
Frequency of service updates Monthly
Target audiences for services For public, publishers, and book trade.
Uses made of  services offered Notification of publications, acquisition/selection,source of catalogue records.
Pricing policy for national bibliographic services National bibliography operate for free basis (via Internet access CD-ROM and file).
Availability of metadata for re-use All national bibliographic metadata released into the public domain without restriction.
Metadata formats USMARC
Cataloguing code AACR2
Levels of description offered ISBD
Subject standards DDC, LCSH and Thai Subject Heading
Name authority standards National Library of Thailand
Is NBA affiliated to IFLA SC? Yes.
Date information submitted October 2010
Information supplied by Ms.Navarat Panyangam