Different national and governmental agencies may use the information contained in national bibliographies to assist their work.

Funding bodies – May use the national bibliography for their country to:

  • Assess the impact of existing funding of national publishing output
  • Plan future funding policy

Government agencies – May use the national bibliography to:

  • Assess the performance of the national bibliographic agency with regard to government funding
  • Source data relating to the country’s publishing output for official statistics.

Information requirements from the national bibliography

Agencies may require the following from the national bibliography to perform their functions:

Descriptive metadata requirements (for offline files or printed national bibliographies):

  • Basic publication data (citation format)

Search requirements (for online national bibliographies):

  • Language of publication
  • Language of original
  • Country of publication
  • Classification code
  • Date of publication
  • Target audience

Publication type/genre/format