Rights Management Organisations

National bibliographic data can be used to support the management of intellectual rights by collecting societies, in addition to government bodies for the management of lending right remuneration.

Information requirements from the national bibliography

Descriptive metadata requirements (for offline files or printed national bibliographies):

  • Title
  • Author/creator/contributor name (any form)
  • Relator code

Search requirements (for online national bibliographies):

The information needs of this group are more specific than those of other users with two main search scenarios i.e. search by:

  • Author name (any form of the name) to obtain either the complete authority record for the named author or all publications by the named author
  • Title to obtain the authors and their roles

Results required are either: a complete authority record for the named author or a short citation format bibliographic record including relator codes.

When bibliographic records are displayed, meaningful clustering (e.g. according to FRBR) is needed to determine accurate rights attribution.