January 1st 2001 – December 31st, 2001

CLM was established to advise IFLA and its constituent groups with respect to copyright and intellectual property, economic barriers to the acquisition of library materials, trade agreements effecting library services, disputed claims of ownership of library materials, authenticity of electronic texts, subscriptions and license agreements and other legal matters of international significance to libraries and librarianship.

The membership of the Committee is to be representative of all regions of the world. At present there are 20 members including the chairman, representing 17 countries. There are 2 official observers and 3 expert resource persons. (a list of members, observers and resource persons is attached.) The Secretariat of the Committee is provided by the UAP office at Boston Spa, England. The Chair is Marianne Scott, 119 Dorothea Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7C6, Canada.
Tel: 613 733 4223; Fax: 613 733-8752; email: [email protected]

The Committee held two formal business meetings during this period and worked electronically between business meetings using the CLM closed list serve, maintained by the Secretariat and regular email.

The two business meetings held in Boston reviewed several documents. First was the four year review of CLM activities which was presented to the General Conference by the Chairman at the second Council meeting; final changes were made to the revision of the Position statement on the WTO; the new document Tips for TRIPS was discussed as was the Strategic plan for 2002 -2003.Plans for the programme for Boston were reviewed. There was also a round table with a very useful exchange of information.

CLM and various members were active during the Boston Conference. The main Open session was in two parts. Part one was on Privacy in the digital environment – issues for libraries and Part two on Licensing issues for central and East European Librarians. The popular Update session had four speakers covering the following topics: The European Copyright Directive; IFLA's Copyright statement; IFLA's Licensing Principles; the Draft Hague Convention of Jurisdiction and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters. CLM also co-sponsored a session with the section on Libraries for the Blind on Rights Management in the age of digital content. There was also a Guest lecture on Copyright.

The Executive Board subsequently approved the revised Position statement on the WTO.

The Secretariat had organized a printing of the English versions of the Statements on Copyright in the Digital Environment and the Licensing Principles. The latter having been approved by the Executive Board in March 2001. These two documents were distributed quite widely during the Conference.

CLM has continued to actively monitor international copyright and trade activities and, where appropriate, letters of representation have been sent.

CLM does not have any formal publications. However it maintains pages on the IFLA website which contain Terms of reference, Membership Contributions and papers from CLM Members, Reports from the General conference, Reports from other meetings, and Policy Statements developed for IFLA.

There was a change in some of the membership of the Committee at the end of the Boston Conference. The finishing members were gratefully thanked for their participation during the first four years of CLM and the new members were warmly welcomed.

Prepared by Marianne Scott, Chair CLM