Indigenous Matters-Action Plan 2021-22

Activity: Guidelines for Services with Indigenous Peoples


A set of guidelines for library services with Indigenous peoples is needed to ensure Indigenous peoples are not subject to exploitation, marginalised, or disadvantaged within their homeland with regards to library facilities, services, policies, and practices.

Activity: UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages


The UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) prioritizes the empowerment of Indigenous language users. Libraries and other sites of knowledge and learning can and should play an important role in supporting and promoting the empowerment of Indigenous language users. The Decade of Indigenous Languages is highly linked to documents such as UNDRIP which call for the recognition of the rights of Indigenous people to self-determination.

Activity: Relationships and Connections


This multi-year activity is focused on strengthening the Committeeā€™s relationships and connections, as well as those of other groups and individuals dedicated to Indigenous issues. Activities in this area are multipronged and include projects that enhance our relationships with the International Indigenous Librarians Forum and other Indigenous-specific associations, establish relationships with other international and regional groups, foster connections through the creation of spaces for gathering together, and improve communication about the Committee and its endeavors. Tree-year project

Activity: Teachings: LIS & Indigenous Librarianship


This activity creates spaces for MLIS educators and others to discuss the curriculum for Indigenous librarianship with the goal of informing MLIS, Masters of Information, and other professional development programs. Inspire and enhance professional practice by making Indigenous matters part of best practice/program outcomes in all LIS programs.

Activity: Serials Librarian special issue


Subscription but we could ensure content is openly available. The Section would organize the content. The Journal would provide admin and support satellite meeting could become part of the special issue things to consider: expectations, workload, finding peer-reviewers. Also offering a recurring column considerations: accessibility and audience

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