The ISBD for Manifestation Task Force was established by the ISBD Review Group in November 2019 to tackle a Transforming Revision of the ISBD. Specifically, the Manifestation Task Force was charged with the mission to align the ISBD with the overarching conceptual model provided by IFLA, the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM) at the Manifestation Entity level, as a first step of a full implementation of the LRM.

The ISBD for Manifestation Task Force has in its composition, liaisons from standards bodies like RDA Steering Committee, the ISSN International Centre, and the IFLA UNIMARC Review Group.

Terms of reference

  • Complete an alignment of the ISBD to the LRM at the-Manifestation entity level;
  • Analyze the gaps in the element sets of the 2021 Update of the ISBD Consolidated edition 2011;
  • Produce the ISBD for Manifestation (ISBDM); that is an element set for the alignment with stipulations for describing an ISBD manifestation according to LRM


  • The ISBD for Manifestation (ISBDM), that is a document consisting of: the ISBD to LRM Manifestation Elements Set; and a set of stipulations for describing a Manifestation according to LRM
  • Reflection on transforming the ISBD into a full implementation of the LRM, a working document that will constitute the basis of the future work encompassing all of the LRM elements and other components, and which would entail rethinking the structure of the ISBD.


  • Renate Behrens (Germany, Chair)
  • Elena Escolano Rodriguez (Spain), until April 2022
  • Gordon Dunsire (Great Britain)
  • Melanie Roche (France)
  • Mikael Wetterstrom (France, ISSN International Centre Liaison)
  • Mirna Willer (Croatia)
  • Rehab Ouf (Egypt)
  • Saeedeh Akbari-Daryan (Iran) Szabina Ilácsa (Hungary)

Work methodology

The Task Force works remotely using Zoom platform for monthly virtual meetings, and all-day virtual meetings at longer intervals, and IFLA’s Basecamp as shared workspace, where it centralizes its constituent documents and perform its works. The Task Force has checkpoints with the ISBD Review Group as required, for main and future decisions about the ISBDM that have to be taken by the ISBD RG. The Manifestation Task Force employs Task & Finish Groups as a mechanism for the deployment of new works.

Task & Finish groups

Starting from December 2022, two Task & Finish Groups were set up in the Manifestation Task Forces to carry out deployments of new works that will determine the final technological and cataloguing options of the ISBDM.

Granularity and Prescriptiveness task & finish group

The focus of this task & finish group is on the concrete implications of ISBDM to be prescriptive as possible, which have to be fully explored before making decisions about them. Complete remit of the Prescriptiveness and granularity of the ISBDM.

Examples task & finish group

The focus of this task & finish group is on demonstrating the stipulations. As the ISBDM is different in scope and stipulations than the current ISBD, proper examples have to be developed to illustrate the stipulations and assist the applications in the real-world cataloguing. The Examples will be a significant tool to orienting users and cataloguing agencies to ISBDM. Complete remit of the Examples for the ISBDM stipulations.

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