Standing Committee meeting in Wroclaw, Poland
Library Services to People with Special Needs Section

SC1: 10:15-12:15 on Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at Room 50

SC2: 8:00-10:30 on Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at Conference Room C

These minutes cover both the first and second meeting of the Standing Committee

  1. Chair, Misako Nomura, welcomed the group and our guests
    The meeting was called to order at 10:20 am.
    Everybody introduced themselves and a sign-up sheet was passed around.

    1. Apologies
      Paola Francisca Santibanez Morales
      Dolly Carnugie
      Helle Arendrup Mortensen
      Maela Uvodic
    2. Attending
      Misako Nomura, Chair
      Nancy Bolt, Outgoing Secretary
      Chris Corrigan, Incoming Secretary
      Marie Engberg Eiriksson
      Knut M. Nygaard
      Erlend Ra
      Ingrid Kallstrom
      Sanja Bunic
      Dunja Gabriel
      Anne Sieberns
      Helen Chan
      Marie-Noelle Andissac
      Maria Isabel Gutierrez Sanchez
      Gerhard Peschers
    3. Visitors
      Yuri Lesnlvsky,  Russia
      Gogdoleno Ptomg, Poland
      Luisa Marquard, Italy
      Kirsi Ylanne, Finland
      Yasmine Youssef, Egypt
      Musa Agub, Malaysia
      Yazid Ibrajhim, Malaysia
      Flora van der Berg, Nethlands
  2. Approval of the Agenda
    Agenda was approved unanimously
  3. Nominations and Election of Chair, Secretary, Information Coordinator
    Nancy Bolt conducted the election
    Misako Nomura was elected chair unanimously
    Chris Corrigan was elected secretary unanimously
    Erlend Ra was elected Information Coordinator unanimously
  4. Approval of the minutes of the Mid-term meeting in Washington D.C.
    Chris Corrigan moved to approve
    Erlend Ra seconded
    It was passed unanimously
  5. Chair’s Report (including financial report)

    1. Misako and Nancy attended the meeting in Athens, Greece to begin the establishment of a Global Vision for IFLA.    Following the meeting, they organized an online session together with LSN standing committee members to comment on the vision.  Nancy Bolt compiled a summary of our discussion and submitted it to IFLA headquarters.
    2. Finances, 100 Euro, can use for small gift for speakers or meeting rooms for the mid-term, but, to publish the brochure we need to ask IFLA for that in advance.
  6. Request from IFLA

    1. Section logo:  IFLA has asked each Section to develop a logo. They developed one for us but the SC didn’t like it. We are working to develop our own. Several ideas were suggested:
        Consider equality sign – mathematical equality sign inside of a book?
        Planet with equal sign inside
        Letter I with an equal sign
        Equal in attending into library
        Open door with an I and an = sign
        LSN in a yen sign, black and white
        Universal design
        Infinity sign
    2. IFLA also wants a one page flyer about the Section. A committee was appointed to draft the one page flyer.  The final version is attached.
  7. Ongoing Projects

    1. Development of Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness
      Sanja Bunic reported on progress.  The IFLA professional committee approved the Guidelines at this conference.  It will be published on the LSN website soon. Now the task is to promote the Guidelines and to translate them into other languages.  Isabel offered to translate the Guidelines into Spanish.  Sanja’s Poster on the Guidelines development was presented on Monday and Tuesday of Conference.
    2. Updates of Accessibility at IFLA Conferences –Nancy
      IFLA has instituted several services to benefit people with disabilities.  Nancy suggested that we wait till after the conference to prepare another update on accessibility at IFLA.
    3. Development of Guidelines for Library Services to Deaf, Hard of hearing, or Deafblind  — Marie-Noelle
      a. Chris reported on the Workshop in Washington DC.   The report was posted on the LSN website (/node/11625)
      b. Marie-Noelle reported that the Working Committee for the Guidelines has been appointed.  It includes Sarah Cohen, Marty Cohen, Dunja Gabriel, and Maela Uvodic.  There will be a new outline and new deadlines.  The preliminary deadline for a draft is January 31st.  They have funds to hire a consultant and an editor and are looking for one.
      c. Working group meeting: 10:45-12:30 on Tuesday, Aug 22
      Its report will be posted to LSN website.
    4. Updates of the knowledge base and good practices – Misako
      Helen updated the Knowledge Base and Good Practices which are part of the Dyslexia Guidelines. See the following url: /node/8872 and /node/9667
  8. Global Platform Initiative in UN (MEDD) –Nancy

    1. Nancy reported that she has been appointed to a committee to look at how the UN 2030 SDGs are being implemented for people with disabilities.   Nancy was asked to do a survey of libraries with an international distribution.   The survey is in almost final form.   Marie Eiriksson, Helen Chan, Erlend Ra, and Michael Marlin agreed to help finalize the survey questions.  We have offers to translate the survey into German, Spanish, and French.  (Update, it was ultimately translated into French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.)  Marie E offered to help with the analysis.
  9. Action Plan for 2017 to 2018 (September 2017 to August 2018)

    1. See attached Action Plan that was approved at the conference
  10. Conference in Poland

    1. Conference in Wroclaw, Poland
      a. LSN Session at IFLA market place – Nancy
      12:15 – 13:30„ÄĀSunday  Aug 20 at Auditorium Hall
      Session 072, Access to Programs and Conferences for People with Disabilities: Stories from Three Countries.
      It was organized in cooperation with LPD and the details of the program was seen at /node/11620?og=50. Its report was read at 16.1 of the minutes
      b. Poster Session for Homeless Guidelines – Sanja
      c. Poster Session on a national campaign for persons with reading difficulties and dyslexia titled “I Wish to Read Too” –  Dunja
      d.  Prison Library Visit (12:30 at the registration site on Aug 22) – Nancy
      Its report was read at 16.2 of the minutes.
  11. Conference in Kuala Lumpur (Aug 24-30, 2018)

    1. Section Program
      Theme: Universal Design – Knut Nygaard and Marie Eiriksson will chair the planning committee. They will send Guidelines for making presentations to all the speakers on the topic of Universal Design.  The Public Library Section indicated an interest in cooperating with us. We will also reach out to the Building Section.  It will focus on accessibility in public libraries.  Misako is part of the planning group and we will look for a speaker from LPD who wants to speak on the practical implementation of the Marrakesh treaty.
    2. Satellite meeting (Aug 22and 23 2018) – Misako
      Theme: Inclusive Library Services for Children and Young Adults
      Venue: National Library of Singapore
      Local partner: National Library Board Singapore
      IFLA Partner: Library Services for Children and Young Adults and LPD
      The program will be 1.5 days. (Now we decided one day program) We would then take a bus or fly to Kuala Lumpur.  We need to establish the registration fee, a timeline, and find speakers.   We will do a call for papers.  LSN and LPD will help review papers and try and get people from the Public Library Section to submit papers.  Part of the program will focus on service to people with disabilities.  We will ask the local partner to do a website. Nancy, Chris and Erlend are on the committee.  Helen Chan said she would like to be on the committee.
    3. Working group meeting: 11:45-13:30 on Monday Aug 21 2017
  12. Information and publication

    1. Report from Information Coordinator – Erlend

      1. Erlend reported that he commented about accessibility on the new webpage of IFLA website during the meeting for information coordinators and that the new IFLA website survey would be conducted this fall.
      2. The Website Project Page now has the Deaf Guidelines project uploaded.  The Homeless Guidelines also posted.  In putting up publications, be aware that bullet points don’t work on the website.  Don’t go more than one level down with bullet points.
      3. We now have 2300 Facebook members with 60 added since the last meeting.  There are now fewer non-relevant postings and no more obscene messages. SC members split up the month to post messages.  It can be anything related to the mission and work being done by the Section.
      4. Mailing list – Only LSN members can be on the mailing list.  Others interested are asked to like our Facebook Page
      5. Consider a Twitter account during the conference.  Not sure needed the rest of the year.
    2. Updates of LSN Brochure – Heidi
      Heidi reported that the brochure is revised except for the new logo.
  13. Translation Grids – Erlend
    The checklist of the Guidelines for People with Dyslexia is now posted in Japanese and French.  The entire Guidelines are being translated into Croatian.
  14. LSN Membership Matters

    1. New Standing Committee members:
      Dolores Carungui from Philippines
      Ingrid Kallstrom from Sweden
      Maela Uvodic from Croatia
      Helen Chan from Hong Kong
    2. Corresponding members
      Marie-Noelle Andissac (moving from SC to corresponding member)
      Gerhard Peschers
      We have three vacancies.
  15. Other Business

    1. Mid-term meeting -Knut and Erlend
      It was decided to hold on March 15 and 16 in 2018 in Oslo, Norway coordinated by Knut and Erlend. They will provide us information on the hotel later.
    2. Discussion on MARC PROPOSAL NO. 2017-11 – Chris
      Defining New Fields to Record Accessibility Content in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format
      The MARC Advisory Committee is proposing two new fields in MARC for people with disabilities. Isabel, Dunja, and Misako said they would work on this.
    3. Stephen Wyber at IFLA suggested we work on a policy statement for the IFLA Governing board. Nancy, Marie E., Knut, and Misako all volunteered to work on it.
    4. A new objective in our 2017-2018 Action Plan is to prepare a Guide to accessibility that integrates all of our standards. Marie E and Nancy will start the process and then ask that a committee be formed.
  16. Report  on conference program

    1. LSN Session was very successful.  We had over 115 people attending.  The speakers were well received.  The only problem was that the room was not accessible to people with disabilities except at the very top and only one row.   The program also started very late because the Opening Session went way over time.  Josche, the IFLA conference manager, asked for copies of our speeches.
    2. Visit to the prison was very successful. Thanks go to Elzbieta Zybert and Gerhard Peschers for organizing the visit.  We had more people than originally planned.  The visit included lectures by prison staff, a reception in our honor, a visit to the library, a cell, and the family visitors center, and a very moving play.  It was successful enough we might consider a visit to a prison in other IFLA sites.
  17. New Agenda Items

    1. The IFLA professional development section has produced guidelines and indicated an interest in including something about serving people disabilities in the guidelines or perhaps do a website. Nancy will follow up.
    2. DeGryter Publishing has expressed interest in publishing the Guidelines for Library Experiencing Homelessness. Nancy will follow up.