Pestalozzi Bibliothek

Reaching limits – Crossing borders


Sunday, May 3

Opening Event: Reception followed by apero / walking dinner


Monday, May 4


Opening Session

Welcome speech from Rosemarie Berthoud (President of PBZ Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Zurich) and from Gerold Lauber (member of Zurich City Council)

Introduction speeches 

Josephine Siegrist (Director of PBZ Pestalozzi Bibliothek Zurich)
PBZ Pestalozzi-Library Zurich – a Public Library of today

Kerstin Pichel (Strategic Consultant for development and implementation)
Reaching Limits. Crossing Borders

Excursion: PBZ Libraries in the city of Zurich
In the afternoon, visits to three of the latest PBZ libraries, each featuring a particularity: PBZ Hardau (Intercultural Library), PBZ Oerlikon (RFID return and sorting system) and PBZ Sihlcity (in a shopping centre).

Optional guided city tour by Christian Relly


Tuesday, May 5

Session 1: New forms of cooperation
Chair: Colin Carter (Innovative)
It has always been the case that libraries worked together with different partners to meet customer needs. Some practical examples of successful cooperations

Hannelore Vogt and Bettina Scheurer (Stadtbibliothek Koln)
Libraries in the Digital Age – Innovative Services and the Transformation of Space

Louise Guillemette-Labory (Bibliothèques Montréal) 
Science and libraries: a winning combination

Ton van Vlimmeren (Municipal Library Utrecht)
The library back into the heart of society

Session 2: Libraries as bridge-builders
Chair: Andreas Mittrowann (ekz.bibliotheksservice)
Libraries are a third place and in this role a platform for encounters and exchange. In this way, they promote and increase mutual understanding between cultures, generations and social classes by transfer of knowledge and experience

Suela Jorgaqi (PBZ Hardau)
Intercultural library work at PBZ

Siobhan Reardon (Free Library of Philadelphia)
Public Libraries as Third Places

Suzanne Payette (Brossard Public Library)
Once upon a Time…Reporting about Canadian and Finnish Public Librares

Excursion: Beyond the bookshelf
Visit to Umdasch (shopfitting company), Chocolat Frey visitor centre, SAB (Swiss Association of Public Libraries) and BIS (Swiss Library Association) in Aarau


Wednesday, May 6

Excursion: Libraries within and across borders
– Bibliothek Hauptpost / Kantonsbibliothek St. Gallen
– Abbey Library St. Gall / Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen
– University Library of Konstanz
– Boat trip on the river Rhine to Stein am Rhein


Thursday, May 7

Session 3: Realities – digital worlds
Chair: Jason LeDuc (Counting Opinions)
Digital literacy involves more than the mere ability to use software or operate a digital device; it requires a large variety of complex cognitive skills, which users need in order to function effectively in digital environments. What are the key factors in this and how can libraries provide a user-oriented digital environment?

Stanley Tan (National Library Board, Singapore)
The library without staff 

Zhang Mingli and Zhang Fengming (Jiaxing Library)
Cooperation Co-construction Share

Session 4: Across borders
Chair: Barbara Lison (Municipal Library of Bremen)
Seeing something from a different angle opens up new perspectives. Changing perspectives enables finding new solutions. Two examples

Tomas Rehak (Municipal Library of Prague)
Are we worth the taxpayers' money? Let's ask them!

Christian Hertach (ZHAW Winterthur)
Customer survey and Drop-out studies for PBZ

Excursion: Libraries in the city of Zurich
Visit to the Institute of Law Library (architect: Santiago Calatrava) and to the recently renovated Music Department of Zentralbibliothek Zurich

Social Evening

Friday, May 8

MetLib SC meeting


– aStec / angewandte Systemtechnik GmbH
– Bibliotheca
– Counting Opinions
– ekz
– Innovative