Proceedings of MetLib09: Embracing the Future. 10 – 15 May 2009, Brisbane, Australia


Host organisation overviews

Sharan Harvey.  Brisbane City Council Library Services – Australia.

Vicki McDonald.  State Library of Queensland – Australia

  • Enriching the lives of Queenslanders

Theme:  Creativity and new media

Making the invisible visible – Dan Hill. Senior Consultant, Arup

Drawing new audiences through supporting creative practice – Liz Slagus. Creative Innovator in Residence, Arts Queensland and Queensland University of Technology

Theme:  Creative community spaces

Design of the future library – the library of the future – Liv Saeteren. Oslo City Library – Norway

All tradition is change: reorganisation and development while planning a new city library in Stockholm [PDF, 855KB] – Johanna Hansson. Stockholm City Library – Sweden

Lessons from the Great Public Library Tour – Christine Mackenzie. Yarra Plenty Regional Library – Australia


Theme:  Community

Community led libraries [PDF, 1.2MB]– Judith Hare. Halifax Public Libraries – Canada

Libraries Building Communities in Timor-Leste – Patti Manolis. Geelong Regional Library Corporation – Australia

  Expanding Horizons with Public Libraries [PDF 1.5MB]- Deb Stumm. The State Library of Queensland – Australia

Building a Vigorous Metropolitan City Imbued with Happy Reading and Enthusiastic Learning – Shu-hsien TSENG. Taipei Public Library – Taiwan

  Theme :  Collections

Collections: what do people want?  – Sharan Harvey.  Brisbane City Council Library Services – Australia

Reframing the reference collection for Singapore Public Library [PFD 745KB] – Sharon Thien. National Library Board – SingaporeSpecial libraries development in Shanghai – Wang Shiwei. Shanghai Library – China

Theme:  Capability and careers

Project lifelong learning in Croatia[PDF] – Davorka Bastic and Tatjana Nebesny. Zagreb City Libraries – Republic of Croatia

Ottawa Public Library's Talent Plan: succssion and leadership planning [PDF, 677KB] – Barbara Clubb. Ottawa Public Library – Canada; Vicki Whitmell Ontario Legislative Library, (Toronto, Ontario)

 Workforce sustainability and leadership in public libraries [PDF, 1.5MB] – Debra Rosenfeldt. State Library of Victoria – Australia