The project began in the middle of 2003 as an initiative of the Libraries Consortium of Barcelona (LCB) and the Library Service of the Diputació de Barcelona, (The Provincial Council of Barcelona).

  1. The Consorci de Biblioteques is a local entity that emerged from the collaboration between the City Council of Barcelona and the Provincial Council of Barcelona. This organisation was created to carry out the management of the public libraries of the city of Barcelona.
  2. The Diputació de Barcelona is a local entity that functions at the provincial level, acting throughout the Province of Barcelona. Its mission is to give support and offer services to the town and city councils, so as to ensure balanced planning and provision in the territory.

The aim of the Tibidabo Project was to make available comparative facts and figures about the Public Libraries of the city and province of Barcelona in relation to similar territories of Europe. The idea was to be able to compare similar services as we can only achieve a better future by knowing in depth the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. From the outset, the Tibidabo Project has been an innovative and ambitious project in the field of research and comparison of cultural indicators of libraries, creating an international network that showed new trends for modernising and adapting the libraries to the citizens of the future. Libraries are cultural centres for the cities and they should become a gateway to culture for the citizens. To achieve this it is necessary that they lead the renovation and are very active centres. The Tibidabo Project aimed to get a comparison and co-operation of the library networks so as to establish connections between similar centres and to find new lines of work.

The project is no longer active, as priority was given to the project of Annual Statistical Survey implemented by the Metropolitan Libraries Section. The last report produced by the Libraries of Barcelona refers to the period 2000-2009.