IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation Project 2021-2023

I’m sending a brief information about project:

The IFLA MLAS Advocacy Impact Evaluation Project is a two-year project started in November 2021. The final project result, the Review of Advocacy Impact Evaluation Practices in the Library Field, is planned to be published in August 2023. The aim of the project is to strengthen the advocacy impact evaluation practice in the library field by providing a set of guidance and recommendations about how to measure and evaluate the library advocacy impact. The project is led by Dijana Machala (Croatia) with participation from Susan Haigh (Canada), Hella Klauser (Germany), Halo Locher (Switzerland), Jorge Moisés Kroll Do Prado (Brazil), Pascal Sanz (France) and Alicia Sellés Carot (Spain).