IFLA International Newspapers Conference 2014

4-5 February 2014, FamilySearch Headquarters, Salt Lake City, Utah

New Media in Old Media: the Nigerian Case
Idowu Adegbilero-Iwari & Joy I. Ikenwe [slides]

Towards Content-Rich Digital Genealogy with Model-Oriented Approaches: Issues and Standards
Robert B. Allen [slides]

Challenges and Opportunities in Using Social Media for Outreach in a Cooperative Project
Erenst Anip & Birdie MacLennan [slides]

The Elephant in the Room: Social Media and News Conveyance in Uganda
Joachim Bibuli [slides]

Newspapers: Windows into the lives of our Ancestors and so much more!
Claire V. Brisson-Banks [slides]

Who Uses International Newspapers? A Content Analysis of Dissertations and Theses
Mary Feeney

Getting the Crowd into Obituaries
John Herbert, John Alexander, Jeremy Myntti & Alan Witkowski

Unplanned Discovery Corrects Source of Historic Quote
L. Suzanne Kellerman, Cheri K. Banks & Karen K. Morrow  [poster]

Research from Many Angles: Evaluating Usage and Impact of Digital Newspapers in the Texas Digital Newspaper Program
Ana Krahmer & Mark Phillips

Bennington Opera House: Early 20th Century Entertainment in Rural Vermont
Karyn Norwood [poster]

Bringing Digital Papers into the Traditional Museum: Examining the Territorial Governors through the Arizona Digital Newspaper Program
Eden Robins & Christopher Sloan [slides]

“What, No Backups? Preserving Hardcopies in the Digital Age”
Randy Silverman

The Use of Library Video Tutorials and YouTube as Educational and Promotional Tools about Historical Newspapers
Marek Sroka

The Peranakans: A User's Perspective in Researching a People Group
Bonny Tan [slides]

Use of Social Media to Provide and Raise Awareness of News Content to Users in Nigerian Libraries
Chinememma Ugonna Umeh [video presentation]

Bulking up: how accepted standards and evolving technology advance research in Chronicling America
Nathan Yarasavage, Deborah Thomas & Georgia Higley [slides]