IFLA UNESCO Public Library Manifesto

The Public Libraries Section and IFLA HQ have been working to update the IFLA UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, an internationally recognised and endorsed policy document about the importance of Public Libraries. Once approved, the Manifesto will be released with a range of supporting communications. A Practioner’s Guide will follow in due course with advice on how the Manifesto can be used as an advocacy tool.

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Public Library of the Year Award (PLOTY)

The annual Public Library of the Year award honours new public libraries. The award is presented to a library somewhere in the world that has best managed to combine open and functional architecture with creative IT solutions and has included both digital developments and local culture. To be eligible for the award, the library must be newly built or located in buildings that have not previously been used as a library. Prize money of USD $5,000 is awarded to the winning library.

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Review of the IFLA Public Library Service Standards

A key strategic project for the Section is to review the current Public Library Service Standards to ensure they remain relevant and useful for public libraries globally. The Public Library Service Standards were last reviewed in 2010 and there have been significant developments in public library practice together with community expectations in the past 10 years. The ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic since have also shaped and influenced public libraries at both an operational and strategic level. This project is ongoing and is expected to be completed in 2023.

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