26 February 2016, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (Lisbon)

Sponsored by the IFLA Rare Books and Special Collections Section and the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal


Claudia Fabian (Bayerische Staatsbibliothek) – RDA and cultural heritage – a new starting point for international cooperation?

Adelaida Caro Martin (Spanish National Library) – RDA & Rare Materials:  what is being done at the Spanish National Library

Todd Fell (Yale University) – ISBD and DCRM into RDA:  An Opportunity for Convergence?

Fernanda Santos & Pedro Estacio (School of Arts and Humanities Library, University of Lisbon) – Private libraries as special collections in academic and research libraries; description challenges and users’ needs:  a case study

Peter Sjokvist, read by Krister Ostlund (Uppsala University Library) – Transcription in Rare Books Cataloguing

Ana Cristina de Santana Silva (Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal) – Development and challenges in old manuscripts cataloguing:  the experience of the National Library of Portugal

Antje Theise (State and University Library, Hamburg) – The collection of engravings at the Hamburg State and University Library (SUB) -possibilities of standardized cataloguing of graphic prints

Axel Ermert (Institute for Museum Research – SMB/PK Berlin) – A Cataloging Standard for Rare Materials?  Some Reflections on the possible Contribution of Terminology to such an Endeavour

David Farneth (Getty Research Institute) – How Can We Achieve GLAM? Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges to Integrating Metadata Across Museums, Archives, and Libraries.

Benito Rial Costas (Independent Researcher, Spain) – Toward a Description of Incunabula Gothic Typefonts and Typefaces

Anne Welsh (University College London) – The Rare Books Catalogue as the Foundation of the Scholarly Database