This “Relindial Cartonera” project is one easy way to highlight the input of libraries in the diversity dialogue. It is supposed to be driven by a librarian or a group of librarians linked to the IFLA SIG Relindial.
Its main aim is to bring together individuals (ladies, men or children from different cultures, religions or ages) to build together a handcraft book with Cardboard and recycled papers. This book will be devoted to a theme, chosen by the attendees, that is present in their different religions or beliefs. It will help to better know themselves and eachother.

It is a real Peace project.


The Relindial group achieved several documents presenting “Relindial Cartonera”:

The development of this project has been slowed down by the pandemic but is expected to resume in 2022.

Tools available online

The Relindial group has published several tools available online for colleagues interested in developing “Relindial Cartonera” projects:

PDF for web

PDF for printings

The “Relindial Cartonera” project developped by SIG Relindial has its own email address: