Open Access to IFLA

Open a door to IFLA's network!

The goal

To draw Library and Information Science (LIS) students' attention to IFLA through sponsoring a 1 year free IFLA student membership

The idea

  • Private and/or company sponsors play the role of the LIS student's mentor and pay the fee for one year's student membership in IFLA (€ [student_affiliates_fee])
  • Sponsored LIS students will work in close cooperation with an IFLA Professional Unit (Section, Core Activity, SIG, etc.) of choice
  • Sponsored LIS students will participate in IFLA's ongoing professional activities like (scholarly) projects, newsletter support, website support, electronic communication support, etc.

…how to join?



Adopt a Student is now on…..LinkedIn!


Set up your LinkedIn profile and join the “Adopt a Student” Network (ASN)! Now you are ready to interact with other students or mentors. Your comments are very important as we can  benefit from tips and advice!