20246th UNIMARC Users Group Meeting, Maribor, Slovenia/Online

2023 – 88th IFLA General Conference, Rotterdam
UNIMARC for Entity Relationship Cataloguing: Structuring Principles, Current Issues and Opportunities

2022 – 87th IFLA General Conference, Dublin
Permanent UNIMARC Review Group Committee – Annual review 2022

20185th UNIMARC Users Group Meeting, Tehran, Iran

2015 – 81st IFLA General Conference, Cape Town
UNIMARC in RDF : Representation of UNIMARC Bibliographic Format in Resource Description Framework for Linked Data

2014 – 80th IFLA General Conference, Lyon
Universal Bibliographic Control in the Digital Age: Golden Opportunity or Paradise Lost?

20144rd UNIMARC Users Group Meeting, Maribor, Slovenia

2013 – 79th IFLA General Conference, Singapore
Expanding metadata services with linked open data

2012 – 78h IFLA General Conference, Helsinki
New futures for bibliographic data formats: reflections and directions

2011 – 77h IFLA General Conference, San Juan
Advancing UNIMARC: alignment and innovation

2010 – 76th IFLA General Conference, Gothenburg
Breaking through the metadata world: UNIMARC and its relatives

20103rd UNIMARC Users Group Meeting, Lyon, France

2009 -75th IFLA General Conference, Milan
UNIMARC and the future of catalogues

2008 – 74th IFLA General Conference, Quebec City
Evolving bibliographic standards: the role and place of UNIMARC

20082nd UNIMARC Users Group Meeting, Florence, Italy

2007 – 73rd IFLA General Conference, Durban
UNIMARC in a changing information environment

2006International Conference UNIMARC & Friends: charting the new landscape of library standards, Lisbon, 20-21 March
Proceedings published by De Gruyter Saur as IFLA Series on Bibliographic Control no. 30, ISBN-13: 978-3-598-24279-3.

2006 – 72nd IFLA General Conference, Seoul

2005 – 71st IFLA General Conference, Oslo
MARC/XML derivates: the state of the art

2004 – 70th IFLA General Conference, Buenos Aires
UNIMARC: The holdings record as a bibliographic control tool

2002 – 68th IFLA General Conference, Glasgow
UNIMARC Open Forum: Updating session on UNIMARC formats development activities with reports on technological aspects and strategic planning for UNIMARC

2001 – 67th IFLA General Conference, Boston
Information Exchange in the 21st Century: Formats and Standardization