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Global Vision Report

The Global Vision discussion started a truly global conversation with voices from all over the world and all parts of the profession. This Global Vision Report is intended to bring to the surface the results of all the discussions and all opinions that have been gathered and analysed by IFLA. ​

By bringing together the biggest brains trust in the library field and gathering ideas and experience from outside, the Global Vision Report is the result of a unique process.

The contribution from more than 30.000 colleagues from 190 countries and all 7 continents shows that across all regions, all library types, and lengths of library experience, we share a deep commitment to the enduring value and role of libraries. But acknowledging regional characteristics and requirements will be essential in our future efforts to unite the library field in addressing common challenges.

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  • Global Vision Report Summary
    ​​—Includes the 10 highlights and opportunities, translated in 17 different languages. This is the gist of all the Global Vision discussions and their analysis.
  • Chapter 1: The Visioning Process
    —In this chapter, you will find out what are the data sources that IFLA has used to gather the opinions of more than 30.000 people. We have organized Regional Workshops with library leaders around the world, we have trained the trainers to facilitate workshops in their own countries and their own Professional Units, we also created a global poll to reach every single librarian’s opinion globally. 
  • Chapter 2: The approach to data analysis
    —In this chapter, you may read about what has been the focus of the Global Vision discussions. What kind of questions the global community has been asked to give answers to. How IFLA has collected the data, how much data it has been and what was the data analysis process. 
  • Chapter 3: We are united globally in our goals and values
    —In this chapter you see the findings of the Global Vision discussions. The findings are organized per each of the six questions that the global community has been giving answers to. You may see what is the global result of each of the questions. At the same time, all findings can be compared across all data sources, looking data from different dimension: from library type, from years of library experience, per Global Vision region, per Professional Unit. 
  • Chapter 4: Connecting global and local actions effectively
    —This chapter follows a regional structure, showcasing and comparing results per region and across all different groups or different data sources. It’s an in-depth look on an analysis of the online voting results per region and of the results from the regional workshops organized by IFLA and the Global Vision meetings organized by organizations all over the world -all classified per region. 
  • Chapter 5: Making the Vision a reality
    —What’s next? After all this amazing consultative process and the incredible discussions taking place around the globe, the wheels are now in motion and it is time for action. All these findings will shape the next steps of the Global Vision process. This chapter is a chance to learn more about the future steps of the Global Vision process. 
  • Appendix
    —In the Appendix you will find useful details, that may help you during your read, such as a glossary of terms and abbreviations, a list of countries per IFLA Global Vision Region and lots of translated pictures and charts in other languages.