How do you purchase vouchers?

Please fill in the Voucher Order Form.

After we process this form, we will send you your (pro-forma) invoice by email with your credit card payment link if you have chosen credit card payment as the preferred payment method. Please check the invoice thoroughly.

After payment has been received and processed, IFLA HQ will send your vouchers via airmail service to the shipping address mentioned on the Voucher Order Form.

You can also purchase IFLA vouchers from the following organisations:

Other purchase points

USA and Canada
  • OCLC

How do you redeem vouchers?

If you are a library that lends more than it borrows, you will probably receive more vouchers than you can re-use. You can send in your excess vouchers for a refund to IFLA HQ. All refunds are paid by bank transfer in Euros.

Please fill in the Voucher Redemption Form. After this, please print and submit this form together with your vouchers to the following address:

Attn. Voucher dept.
Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
2595BE The Hague
The Netherlands

After receipt and processing of your voucher package, IFLA HQ will process the reimbursement on the bank details provided in the Redemption Form.