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Division: Library Types

Government libraries form a Section of their own within IFLA, belonging to Division I: Library Types. The Section is aimed at the community of libraries which are part of and work for a body with a governing task and which have, in any way, a political responsibility or connection. The Section encourages the growth and development of government libraries and assists in their cooperation.

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Last update: 6 October 2015

Latest News

Call for Presentations - Government Libraries Section, WLIC 2017

The Government Libraries, Library and Research Services for Parliaments and Law Libraries Sections invite proposals for presentations, to be presented as one of the sessions in the next IFLA General Conference to be held on August 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. We welcome proposals from individuals and organizations who can share views and implementations on Government/Parliamentary libraries helping to deliver the access to information elements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The deadline for submissions is 3 March 2017.​

5 February 2017

Satellite Meeting on Government Libraries - Berlin 2017

Linking Advocacy to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Government Libraries Section is hosting a satellite meeting to be held in Berlin, Germany just after the IFLA annual conference - WLIC 2017. We will revise the Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments, in particular chapter 11, related to advocacy, tying it with the aspects of public access to information of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

5 February 2017

GLS Social Media Communication Plan 2017-2019

IFLA Government Libraries Section (GLS) intends to continue communicating its activities and achievements to the international library community from all corners of the globe. For this reason, GLS considers it relevant to propose a communication strategy for 2017-2019, focusing on social media. The activities of the Plan should help to consolidate a vibrant international community of librarians and information professionals interested in government libraries.

1 February 2017