Health and Biosciences Libraries SC – IFLA, Wroclaw, Poland

Minutes of the 1st Business meeting, Saturday 19th August 2017, 10.15 – 12.15


PRESENT: Maria G.N Musoke (Chair), Anne Seymour (Secretary), Judy Consales (Information                            
                  Coordinator). Committee members: Michael B.Huang, Hao Jiying, Heather Todd,

                  Emma Farrow, Evelyn Omoluabi Idiodi, Octavia Luciana Madge, Martin Morris,                                              
                  Shane Godbolt (corresponding member).


  1. Welcome

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed as observers: Amani Saleh Alyafei, Bethany McGowan, Sarah Kibirige, Michelle Ryu, Lisa Travis, Cristina Ungur.


  1. Apologies for absence were received from Chun-pong Yu, Ileana Alfonso Sánchez.


3.    Approval of the Agenda

This was approved.


  1. Standing Committee membership matters
  1. Introduction of new members of the Standing Committee.
    Emma Farrow, Evelyn Omoluabi Idiodi, Christine W. Kanyengo, Octavia Luciana Madge, Martin Morris, Assimina N. Vlachaki and Chun-pong Yu were welcomed as new committee members.


  1. New Officers of the HBS SC for the term August 2017 to August 2019.

As returning officer Shane Godbolt reported that Maria G.N Musoke received two nominations as Chair; Anne Seymour and Emma Farrow each received a nomination as secretary; Anne subsequently withdrew.

Appointments approved were Maria as section Chair for a second term. Emma as incoming secretary. Shane was thanked.

  1. Identification of the SC Information Officer.
    Judy Consales agreed to serve and was reappointed as SC Information Officer.
  2. Renewal and/or identification of corresponding members.
    Shane Godbolt (Independent health information professional, UK) was renewed for a second 2 year term. The following were appointed as new corresponding members for 2017-2019: Amani Saleh Alyafei (Qatar National Library), Prudence Dalrymple (Drexel University, USA), Bethany McGowan (Purdue University, USA) , Sarah Kibirige (Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, South Africa) which met the maximum 5 corresponding members allowed by IFLA.

Other observers expressed an interest in supporting the section, and the following were agreed as ‘Friends of HBS’: Lisa Travis (Emory University, USA), Michelle Ryu (Mount Sinai Hospital, Canada), Cristina Ungur (University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania) plus Brian Galvin as past Chair.  Zuhanariah Mohd Nordin, Chief Librarian, International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur will be invited to become a friend too.
Action: Emma to update correspondence details.

New elections for HBS committee will take place in 2019; details of the nomination process will be circulated in advance to current corresponding members and friends.

  1. Attraction of new members.
    This includes identify existing and missing skills for the SC team, geographical representation etc. Item will be followed up by email.
  2. Distribution of Standing Committee roles.
    The importance of sharing the work of the committee was noted by all. Specific roles:

               i. Project proposals for funding by IFLA: no suggestions as yet; please inform Chair.
              ii. Satellite meetings: joint meeting suggested with IT Section, by IT Chair May Chen.
                  Action: Heather volunteered to be  HBS lead; all agreed should be in Kuala Lumpur.

              iii. 2017 Open session: Action: Anne and Emma will print and circulate the feedback  

                  forms to participants, together with an attendance list. Some appreciation of the
                  speakers in our open session is needed. Emma to explore options.

       iv. Photos: All encouraged to take photos during congress for our webpages.
       v. Publications – journal issue and book: discussed under Chairperson’s Report below.


  1. Minutes of previous meetings

    1. – Minutes of the 2016 1st Business meeting were approved.
      – Minutes of the 2016 2nd Business meeting were approved with small correction:
        Feedback from Open Session – participant numbers to be updated to reflect IFLA record.
      Action: Anne to make correction; Emma to arrange for final minutes to be posted online.
    2. Matters arising from the minutes.

              – EAHIL: noted that Octavia Luciana Madge is our official EAHIL representative
              – Noted proposed 2017 satellite meeting with Science and Technology Libraries unable                
                to proceed due to sickness of STL lead; Heather thanked for her work on this
              – Communication strategy: Judy needs support with communications. Evelyn and Lisa
                volunteered. Setting up a facebook site and WhatsApp group were both discussed.
                Action: Emma will collect contact details to inform latter.
                             Judy will work on communication plan with support of volunteers.  
             – Social event: Anne, with Shane, planning a social event; agreed this would be best   

  scheduled at the end of the second business meeting on Wednesday, details to follow.

6.  Chairperson’s report

Matters arising from the report:

              a. Global Vision – libraries are valuable, challenge for IFLA is to harness this and advocate.


b. Open session 2018: based on experience of final papers not being submitted, it is agreed our selection process for the open session is adjusted so that the best abstract per sub theme plus second best that could also be presented as a lightning talk are selected.
Also noted IFLA guidance should include required structure of paper.

Emma to coordinate checking structure / layout of papers prior to uploading.

c. ICML 2021: no proposals received as yet; deadline 31st August.

d.  Exploratory meeting for HBS sponsored Special Interest Group (SIG) on Knowledge    
      Management in Global and Disaster Health on Monday 21 Aug; all invited.

e.  The new IFLA Journal editor will visit our second business meeting; we are invited to publish an IFLA special journal issue on HBS theme.
Maria proposed reviewing this year’s abstracts for possible articles. This led to a discussion about moving from the IFLA book proposal to a special journal issue instead; with the suggestion that Anne proposes this to Brian and Pru. Heather proposed a third idea with short papers and best practices being made available via an Open Access route.

  1. 2017 HBS Open session 162 on Tue 22nd Aug from 13.45 – 15.45

      Theme: Achieving a healthy future together: diverse and emerging roles for health 
                    information professionals.

  1. 2018 theme and sub-themes for the HBS Open Session

      Draft circulated; to be discussed at second business meeting.


  1. Action Plan for 2017/8
    Proposed revisions circulated; to be discussed at second business meeting.


  1. To discuss all activities of the Section, each activity shall be reviewed thoroughly to ask whether it is still a useful activity or whether it needs redefining and reorganizing. New activities should be identified and added.


  1. Review the Section’s objectives and planning of related activities.

    1. ICML 2021 selection – refer to criteria in the Call.
    2. Satellite meeting with IT section in Malaysia 2018.
    3. Identify communities not served by any library service & propose simple & achievable ways LIS professionals can deliver info to them (IFLA President closing speech of WLIC 2016).
    4. Publications to be authored by the SC.
    5. Propose an award to be managed by the SC.
    6. If a funding need is anticipated for the following year, finalize details for the application to be submitted to the Professional Committee in October.


  1. Annual report 2016/7
    Outline of content – due date 31st October 2017

    1. Revision and/or update of annual report of the SC to take into account completed activities.
    2. Information Coordinator’s report on communication with members (mailing list, webpages etc).
    3. Revision and update of action plan (updated version will be posted online).
    4. Summary of feedback from 2016 & 2017 HBS Open session attendees.
    5. Introduction of lightening talks to the HSB Open session & its effect.
    6. ICML 2021 call prepared and posted online.
    7. New SIG – ‘Knowledge Management in Global and disaster health’ Exploratory meeting, Session 116 on Monday 21st Aug from 13.45 – 15.45 in Imperial hall.
    8. Social activity for the SC.
    9. Challenges.

Action: Judy to provide communication report.


  1. Announcements from the Professional Committee (Leadership Brief, Officers Training)
    Officers will attend the various meetings and training sessions as indicated on the WLIC programme and provide a short update at the second business meeting.
  2. Next (2nd) Meeting of the SC on Wednesday 23rd August from 10.45 – 13.15.

       [New IFLA journal editor will give us a brief before we discuss our set agenda]

  1. Upcoming deadlines to note:

31 October: Submission deadline for Professional Committee Project funding application.

4 November: Submission deadline for the Programme Enquiry Form.

8 November: Submission deadline, papers & requests to Professional Committee for December meeting.

31 December: Deadline for reimbursement claims for the current year.

There being no other business the Chair thanked all present and closed the meeting.