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Vol 39 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


Methodological and Organisational Aspects of Digitisation and Bibliographic Access of the Cultural Heritage: the Lithuanian Approach
Regina Varniené-Janssen

The Pakistan National Bibliography: A Source of Bibliographical Control in Pakistan
Hafiz Khubaib Ahmad

Tackling a Hundred Year Backlog: Cataloguing and Promoting Labour History at Bishopsgate
Edward Weech and Stefan Dickers

The 21st Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
29-30 March 2010, enssib, Lyon, France

Informal Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
13-14 August 2010, IFLA Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden
Reports by Jay Weitz


Vol 39 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


Printed International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC) discontinued

Subject Indexing in Italy: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives
Alberto Cheti, Anna Lucarelli, and Federica Paradisi

Introducing FRSAD and Mapping It with SKOS and Other Models
Marcia Lei Zeng and Maja Žumer

How to Catalogue Popular Culture

Rare Map Materials Made Digital: Scanning and Metadata to Archiving and Access
Kimberly C. Kowal and John Rhatigan

Do you speak Multimedia Metadata? Multi-format Cataloging at the University of New Mexico
Rebecca L. Lubas


Vol 39 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


Every Reader His Work, Every Work Its Title (and Author): the New Italian Cataloguing Code REICAT
Alberto Petrucciani

Music in Italy: Catalogues and Cataloguing Rules for an Extraordinary Heritage
Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi

Persistent Identifier Distributed System for Digital Libraries
Emanuele Bellini, Chiara Cirinnà, Maurizio Lunghi, Maurizio Lancia, Roberto Puccinelli, Massimiliano Saccone, Brunella Sebastiani, Marco Spasiano

UNIMARC, RDA and the Semantic Web
Gordon Dunsire

Classification at a Crossroads: Multiple Directions to Usability
A report by I.C. McIlwaine

Implementing FRBR in Libraries: Key Issues and Future Directions
by Yin Zhang and Athena Salaba reviewed by Rajesh Chandrakar


Vol 39 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


Frbrisation: Towards a Bright New Future for National Bibliographies
Jan Pisanski, Maja Žumer, Trond Aalberg

FRBR Information Discovery in Traditional Catalogues: the TELplus Experience
Nuno Freire, Rosa Galvão, Margarida Lopes

Identification and Categorization of Related Works in the Persian Bibliographic Universe: an FRBR Approach
Sholeh Arastoopoor and Rahmatollah Fattahi

ISMN Update 2009
A report by Hartmut Walravens


Vol 38 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


Sharing Standards and Expertise in the Early 21st Century: Moving Toward a Collaborative, "Cross-community" Model for Metadata Creation
Murtha Baca and Elizabeth O'Keefe

Third Edition of UNIMARC Manual: Authorities Format How Does it Implement Concepts from the FRAD Model and IME ICC Statement of International Cataloguing Principles
Mirna Willer

The 20th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
9-10 March 2009, National Library of Portugal, Lisbon

Jay Weitz


Vol 38 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


Collaboration Among Producers of Bibliographic Data Achievements and Planned Initiatives at the Italian National Bibliography
Federica Paradisi

Cross-Concordances: Terminology Mapping and Its Effectiveness for Information Retrieval
Philipp Mayr & Vivien Petras and New Developments and Co-operations
Rüdiger Hoyer & Jan Simane


Vol 38 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


Canadiana, the National Bibliography for Canada, in the Digital Age
Liz McKeen

Knowledge Collaboration in Higher Education
Mary Lee Kennedy

Semantic Web and Vocabulary Interoperability: an Experiment with Illumination Collections
Anila Angjeli, Antoine Isaac,Thierry Cloarec, Frédéric Martin, Lourens van der Meij, Henk Matthezing, Stefan Schlobach

FRBRoo: Enabling a Common View of Information from Memory Institutions
Pat Riva, Martin Doerr, Maja Žumer

Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper by Deepak Vohra
reviewed by Tomislav Jakopec


Vol 38 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


Agir pour le patrimoine documentaire du Québec
Mireille Huneault

Migration from CDS / ISIS to KOHA: a Case Study of Data Conversion from CCF to MARC 21
Shivpal Singh Kushwah, J.N. Gautam, Ritu Singh

International Standard Bibliographic Description: Updating the Consolidated ISBD
Elena Escolano, Dorothy McGarry

International Standard Music Number (ISMN) Update
A report by Hartmut Walravens

The New ISSN Standard Makes Life Easier for the Serials Community
Alain Roucolle


Vol 37 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


Best Practices for Subject Access to National Bibliographies: Interim Report by the Working Group on Guidelines for Subject Access by National Bibliographic Agencis
Françoise Bourdon and Patrice Landry

IRANMARC: Design and Implementation of a National Bibliographic Format for the National Library and Archives of the I.R. of Iran
Shirin Taavoni

The Use and Future of UNIMARC in Namibia
Paul Zulu

The 19th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
12-13 March 2008, National Library of Florence, Italy

A report by Jay Weitz

Book Review

Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet by Christine L. Borgman
Reviewed by Mirna Willer


Vol 37 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


Implementing Online Catalogues in African Academic Libraries: the Collaborative Role of International Partners
Mary Adwoa Arkorful

User Tagging of Library Resources: Toward a Framework for System Evaluation
Jonathan Furner

Audio Description Text for Indexing Films
James M Turner and Suzanne Mathieu

Book Review

Međunarodni skup u čast 100-te godišnjice rođenja Eve Verona : Zagreb, 17.-18. studenoga 2005 : zbornik radova = International conference in honour of the 100th anniversary of Eva Verona’s birth : Zagreb, November 17-18, 2005 : proceedings
reviewed by Pino Buizza


Vol 37 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


Maintenance of the Universal Decimal Classification: Overview of the Past and Preparations for the Future
Aida Slavic, Maria Inês Cordeiro, Gerhard Riesthuis

Bibliographies nationales africaines
Amadou Békaye Sidibéé

A Conceptual Model for COBIB
Marija Petek


Vol 37 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


Bibliographic Control in South Africa
Ina Fourie and Marlene Burger

The Importance of National Bibliographies in the Digital Age
Ingrid Parent

New National Rules for Italian Library Catalogues
Italian Commission for the Revision of Cataloguing Rules

IME ICC5 , Pretoria, South Africa, August 14-15, 2007: Report
Barbara B. Tillett


Vol 36 No 4 – October/December 2007


News and Events


"Tomorrow Never Knows": the End of Cataloguing?
Alan Danskin

UNIMARC Registry
Hugo Manguinhas, Nuno Freire, José Borbinha

Automated Text Classification Using Library Classification Schemes: Trends, Issues, and Challenges
Kwan Yi

Abbreviations and Mark Symbols Recommended by Thesaurus Standards and Authority Guidelines: a Need for Uniform Criteria
Ana M. Martínez

Microfilming and Cataloging the Newspapers in the National Diet Library (NDL)
by Keiyu Horikoshi

Harmonising CIDOC CRM and FRBR
Patrick Le Boeuf & Martin Doerr


Vol 36 No 3 – July/September 2007


News and Events



Alan Hopkinson

How Localization Challenges International Portals:
Character Sets and International Access

Pierre Clavel

Japanese Scripts and UNIMARC
Naoko Harai

Chinese MARC (Taiwan) and Its Bibliographic Database
Ching-Chen Anthony Mao and Ching-fen Frances Hsu

Unicode: OPACS and Portals – One Vendor's Experience
Stephen Abram and Lin Huang

The 18th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
12-14 March 2007, National Library of Portugal, Lisbon

A report by Jay Weitz


Vol 36 No 2 – April/June 2007


News and Events


Capturing the Intended Messages of Subject Headings as Exemplified in The List of Korean Subject Headings
Gertrude Soonja Lee Koh

The OACIS Project – Online Access to Consolidated Information on Serials Project for the Middle East
Simon Samoeil

Processing Metadata for Electronic Journals: the Example of the German Union Catalogue of Serials
Ulrike Junger

ISBN / ISMN Update
Hartmut Walravens

Vol 36 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


Status of National Bibliographies in the CIS Countries of Central Asia
Alexander Dzhigo and Alexandra Teplitskaya

Armenian Libraries on the Threshold of a Digital Era: Fifteen Years of Library Automation in Armenia
Tigran Zargarayan

VIAF (Virtual International Authority File): Linking the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek and Library of Congress Name Authority Files
Rick Bennett, Christina Hengel-Dittrich, Edward T. O'Neill, Barbara B. Tillett

Rules, RDA and Rabbits – Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference, Norwich, 13-15 September 2006: Report
Katrina Sked

IME ICC4 Meeting, 16-18 August 2006, Seoul, Korea: Report
Jaesun Lee


Artists' Books: a Cataloguers' Manual
reviewed by Elizabeth A. Robinson


Vol 35 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


IFLA Survey on Inclusion of Electronic Resources in National Bibliographies
Beacher Wiggins

Recommendations for Urgently Needed Improvement of OPAC and the Role of the National Bibliographic Agency in Achieving It
John D. Byrum, Jr.

Web Crawling: The Bibliothèque nationale de France's Experience
Christian Lupovici

Guidelines for (Electronic) National Bibliographies: Work in Progress
Maja Zumer


Vol 35 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


Remembering Henriette D. Avram
Sally H. McCallum

Cataloguing and Subject Tools for Global Access: International Partnerships

Gunilla Jonsson

Sharing and Use of Subject Authority Data
Marcia Lei Zeng

Name Authorities in the Library Context
Mirna Willer

Authority File Information in Archives
Per-Gunnar Ottosson

The Use of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) for the Organisation of National Bibliographies: Switzerland, Germany and Austria
Patrice Landry

The 17th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
2006 March 22-24, National Library of Portugal, Lisbon
Jay Weitz

BOOK REVIEW by I.C. McIlwaine
British Standard. Structured vocabularies for information retrieval – Guide.
Part 1: Definitions, symbols and abbreviations.
Part 2: Thesauri.


Vol 35 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


Bibliographic Control in Korea: focused on the National Library of Korea
Jaesun Lee

Le Répertoire de vedettes-matière et RAMEAU: deux langages d'indexation en français: un luxe nécessaire
Jo-Anne Bélair, Françoise Bourdon, Michel Mingam

Authority Control of Arabic Personal Names from the Classical Period at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Iman Khairy

FRAR: Extending FRBR Concepts to Authority Data
Glenn E. Patton

IME ICC3 Continues the Work Towards International Agreement on Cataloguing Principles
Barbara Tillett


Vol 35 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


MARC/XML Derivates: the State of the Art
Workshop held during the World Library and Information Congress, Oslo, 16 August 2005

Alan Hopkinson

MARC/XML Sampler
Sally H. McCallum

Delivering MARC/XML Records from the Library of Congress Catalogue Using the Open Protocols SRW/U and Z39.50
Mike Taylor and Adam Dickmeiss

UNIMARC XML Slim Schema: Living in A New Environment
Vladimir Skvortsov, Alla Pashkova and Olga Zhlobinskaya

An XML Representation of the UNIMARC Manual: a Working Prototype
Joaquim Carvalho


Vol 34 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


The Virtual Library of Serbia: the Union Catalogue of Serbian Libraries
Bogoljub Mazic and Stela Filipi-Matutinovic

Subject Indexing Between International Standards and Local Contexts: the Italian Case
Antonia Ida Fontana, Anna Lucarelli and Federica Paradisi

Novum Regestrum: The Union Catalogue of Printed Books from 16th to 19th Century in Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese Libraries
María Cristina Guillén Bermejo

IFLA Cataloguing Section’s ISBD Review Group
Summary of meetings held in Oslo, 13 & 18 August 2005
John Byrum


Vol 34 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


Bibliographic Control in Norway: an Overview
Marit Vestlie

National Bibliography in a Globalized World: The Latin American Case
Dan Hazen

The SACO Program in Latin America
Ana Lupe Cristán

Le Consortium électronique de bibliothèques: un schéma de coopération bibliographique
Celia Ribeiro Zaher et Angela Monteiro Bettencourt

The 16th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee
7-9 March 2005, National Library of Portugal, Lisbon
A report by Jay Weitz


Vol 34 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


On Searching Arabic Records in Electronic Libraries
Ibrahim Kamel, Alaa Eltalmas and Muneer AbuBaker

New Perspectives for French Academic Catalogues
Nathalie Rodriguez

The Paradigma Project and its Quest for Metadata Solutions and User Services
Carol van Nuys, Ketil Albertsen,
Linda Pedersen and Asborg Stenstad

Presenting the UNIMARC Holdings Format
Rosa Maria Galvão and Mirna Willer


Vol 34 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


The State of Bibliographic Control in Latin America
Filiberto Felipe Martínez-Arellano

Continuing Resources: FAQ and Fiction, Present and Future
Regina Romano Reynolds

Enabling Metadata: Creating Core Records for Resource Discovery
2004 Update on Activities of the IFLA Cataloguing Section Working Group on the Use of Metadata Schemas
Lynne C. Howarth

Towards an International Cataloguing Code
10 questions to Barbara Tillett
Mauro Guerrini


Vol 33 No 4 – October/December


News and Events


Authority Records in a Networked Environment
Tom Delsey

NUKAT – the Union Catalog of Polish Research Libraries
Maria Burchard

Cataloging Rules and Standards in Iran
Afshin Mousavi Chelak

SWD/RSWK at the Swiss National Library: Celebrating 5 years of indexing and cooperation B Patrice Landry


E-Serials Cataloging : Access to Continuing and Integrating Resources via the Catalog and the Web : Jim Cole and Wayne Jones Editors
reviewed by Susan Rom Zuriff


Vol 33 No 3 – July/September


News and Events


The 15th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee, 15-17 March 2004, National Library of Portugal, Lisbon: Report
Jay Weitz

National Libraries as Access Points: the Role of TEL and MACS
Genevieve Clavel

Guidelines for Electronic National Bibliographies: Are They Needed?
Maja Zumer

Resource Designations in Cataloguing Electronic Resources
Vladimir Skvortsov and Olga Zhlobinskaya

UDC Implementation: From Library Shelves to a Structured Indexing Language
Aida Slavic


High-Level Subject Access: Tools and Techniques in Internet Cataloging: Ed. Judith R. Ahronheim
reviewed by I.C. McIlwaine

Electronic Cataloging : AACR2 and Metadata for Serials and Monographs:(editors) Sheila S. Intner, Sally C. Tseng, Mary Lynette Larsgaard
reviewed by Richard Jalowik


Vol 33 No 2 – April/June


News and Events


Bibliographic Control in Argentina
Graciela Spedialeri

DDC 22: An Introduction
Joan S. Mitchell

Creator Description: Encoded Archival Context
Daniel V. Pitti

International Meeting of Experts for an International Cataloguing Code: IME ICC Report of the 1st Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany – July 28-30, 2003
Barbara B. Tillett with Ann Huthwaite, Claudia Fabian, Renate Gömpel, Gunilla Jonsson, Monika Münnich

Draft Statement of International Cataloguing Principles as approved by IME ICC


Vol 33 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


SUBJECT GATEWAYS : Workshop, Berlin, 2 August 2003

Bohdana Stoklasova

Australian Subject Gateways, the Successes and the Challenges
Janine Schmidt, Anne Horn, Barbara Thorsen, Lucy Peachey

Metadata Schemas for Subject Gateways
Lynne C. Howarth

Short Survey of Subject Gateways (SG) Activity
Bohdana Stoklasova

Bibliographic Control in Singapore: an Overview
Philip Hider

La conversion rétrospective à la Bibliothèque nationale de Tunis
Sihem Ghédira Dakhli et Claire Lesage


Vol 32 No 4 – October/December

News and Events


Bibliographic Control in Germany
Claudia Fabian

UNIMARC in Its New Home
Fernanda Maria Campos

A DCG Parser for Automatic Extraction of Bibliographic Descriptive Elements from Title Pages of Monographs
A.R.D. Prasad and Durga Sankar Rath

Document Delivery Design: Systems for Users, not Users for Systems
Peter Stubley

ISKO in Salamanca
I.C. McIlwaine

BOOK REVIEW by Dorothy McGarry

Cataloging Sheet Maps : the Basics
by Paige G. Andrews


Vol 32 No 3 – July/September


News and Events



I. C. McIlwaine

Common Internet Portal for Libraries, Archives and Museums – BAMPortal
Gerald Maier

Joined up Indexes: Interoperability Issues in Z39.50 Networks
Gordon Dunsire

International Conference on Authority Control
Florence, Italy, 10-12 February 2003 : Report

Barbara B. Tillett

Data mining MARC to find: FRBR?
Knut Hegna and Eeva Murtomaa


Vol 32 No 2 – April/June

News and Events


Arabic Name Authority in the Online Environment: Options and Implications
Martha Speirs Plettner

Réflexions et recommandations pour le catalogage des documents en caractères non latins en France dans le catalogue collectif universitaire, Sudoc
Danièle Duclos-Faure

What Makes a Good Bibliography Even Better?
Current Situation and Future Projects Workshop held during the IFLA Conference,
Boston, 23 August 2001

The National Bibliography Concept in a Changing Information Environment
Janne Andresoo

Changes in the National Bibliographies, 1996-2001
Unni Knutsen

Legal Deposit of Online Materials and National Bibliographies
Marianne Scott

BOOK REVIEW by Geoffrey Yeo
Encoded Archival Description on the Internet edited by Daniel V. Pitti and Wendy M. Duff


Vol 32 No 1 – January/March


News and Events


UNIMARC Next Generation (NG) – A Technological Road Map : Reflection notes
Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho

Challenges of Providing Bibliographic Access to Remote Electronic Resources in National Bibliographies: Problems and Solutions – an Overview
John D. Byrum, Jr.

Report on the Successful AustLit: Australian Literature Gateway Implementation of the FRBR and INDECS Event Models, and Implications for Other FRBR Implementations
Marie-Louise Ayres, Kerry Kilner, Kent Fitch, Annette Scarvell

Subject-Based Interoperability: Issues from the High Level Thesaurus (HILT) Project
Dennis Nicholson

Subject Retrieval in Distributed Resources: a Short Review of Recent Developments
Martin Kunz



International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control (ICBC) : v.17 (1988) – v.31 (2002) and International Cataloguing (IC) : v.13 (1984) – v.16 (1987)

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