Thomas Chaimbault-Petitjean

International Relations Officer
Responsable Mission Relations Internationales


The ENSSIB building, French national LIS School

The French National Library and Information Sciences School (ENSSIB) has designed a thematic guide based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030. This regularly updated open access resource is a valuable tool to support professionals engaged in developing a sustainable development strategy for their library. Reference documents, academic articles and works, documentary files and a selection of books can be consulted in related to the SDGs. A professional news feed keeps a watch on events linking Sustainable development, societal responsibility issues and libraries and reports on study days and publications produced by libraries.

On all subjects related to sustainable development, libraries can also offer collections, exhibitions, workshops, courses, conferences. Some examples of concrete actions carried out by libraries and indicated in the guide include: accessibility, social inclusion, free access, solidarity fridges to fight against food waste, health information, literacy actions, easy-to-read spaces, support platforms, digital advisers, and services to migrants.

This resource is also a support for leading sustainable development and societal responsibility workshops. A workshop based on this libguide thus received national labeling in September 2021, on the sixth anniversary of the 2030 Agenda.