IFLA’s Governance: Agreed Structures

Following the overwhelming vote in favour of IFLA’s new draft Statutes on 12 February at our extraordinary General Assembly, and the agreement of a corresponding new set of Rules of Procedure, IFLA now has the key elements of its new governance structures in place. 

These documents will enter into force on the day following IFLA’s General Assembly in August 2021, but will already guide our elections and appointments process. All successful candidates are elected – or appointed – under the suspensive condition that the new Statutes will have entered into force. 

To provide an overall vision, IFLA has published both an overview of our new governance, and the Statutes and Rules of Procedure that will apply as of the day after our August General Assembly. Please note that until that time, the current Statutes and Rules of Procedure apply. 

Available to download:

  • IFLA Governance Overview [PDF]
  • IFLA Statutes and Rules of Procedure [PDF]
    (as of August 2021)
  • Diagram of IFLA’s overall governance [PNG]