Prepared papers from the current rule makers will focus attention on updating the "Paris Principles" of 1961, incorporating terminology and concepts of the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), and discussing ways to reach closer harmonisation of rules in the following areas (focus topics):

  • Names of personal authors
  • Names of corporate bodies
  • Uniform titles and General Material Designators (GMD)
  • Seriality issues of when to make a new record
  • Multilevel cataloguing of multiple works in multiple volumes

These papers will be posted on this site during May 2003.

During May to June 2003 there will be pre-meeting discussion on a special discussion listserv to collect current thinking in Europe on these five focus topics.

At the meetings, the rule makers will briefly review their rule revision process and a brief analysis of the response to a code comparison survey will be presented for discussion and comments during the first day's plenary session. During breakout sessions each of the focus topics will be discussed by the respective working groups and recommendations will be prepared for reaction during the final plenary session. The meeting will end with prioritised actions towards closer harmonisation and a draft of updated rules towards an international cataloguing code.

Following the meeting, the recommendations and action items from the meeting will be posted on the IFLA Cataloguing Section web site, and the results will also be reported to IFLA during the Section's Open Programme in Berlin in the first week of August 2003. Progress on fulfilling the recommendations and action items will be posted on the IFLA Cataloguing Section Web site.