Opening Talk:  Dr. Philip Cohen, Chair of the Library Association of Ireland, introduced by Ann Okerson, Center for Research Libraries (video)

1. Approaches.  The first three presentations and discussion focused on case studies of library-based publishing enterprises (University of Florida [Stapleton], Stockholm University Press [Lenz], and Pennsylvania State University [Laird].
Stapleton, Suzanne Cady (University of Florida)
Lenz, Christina (Stockholm University Press)
Laird, Ally (Penn State University)
2. Education and Mentoring.  The second session moved to connections between library-based publishing and education/training, both for the publishing activity itself and for the links between library publishing and the preparation and presentation of learning materials for students generally.
Schlosser, Melanie (Library Publishing Coalition)
Wilson, Michelle (Columbia University)
Stranack, Kevin (Simon Fraser University Library)
Høivik, Helge (OsloMet University)
3. Business Models and Sustainability.  Two presentations concentrated on the business mechanics of library publishing, including the continuing activity of OsloMet University Library [Eikebrokk] and a nascent Irish coalition [Hyland and Kouker]
Eikebrokk, Trude (OsloMet University)Eikebrokk
Hyland, Jack; Kouker, Alexander; Zaitsev, Dmitri (IFLA SIG on Library Publishing)
4. CrossRef: I know the ‘why’ of DOIs, what about the rest? – a single presentation reviewing some of the “nuts and bolts” on which best practices can rest.
Lammey, Rachael (CrossRef)
5. Impacting Communities.  Three vivid presentations described ways in which library publishing can perform a service with high community impact for a smaller-scale undertaking, including examples from Nigerian politics [Fallon], Irish community-building [Connolly/Walker-Headon] and the changing status of the ‘travelers’ in Irish society [Buggle]
Fallon, Helen (Maynooth University)
Connolly, Gerard; Walker-Headon, Niamh (Technological University Dublin)Connolly/Walker-Headon
Buggle, Jane (Dublin Business School)
6. Global Collaborations.  The final substantive presentations addressed a variety of ways in which partnership and connections can facilitate local activity, from consortial activity [Meinecke] to links among libraries [Murphy/Chatterji], standardized-technology [Arning], and work deliberately reaching for global scale [Hollister].
Meinecke, Isabella (Hamburg University Press)
b. Publishing in the hands of librarians — two presentations:
Murphy, Aajay; Chatterji, Promita (Kennesaw State University)
Arning, Ursula (ZB MED.)
Hollister, Christopher (University at Buffalo)
7. Panel Discussion.  The meetings concluded with a broad discussion and then a brief focused wrap-up (video).  The IFLA Special Interest Group to meet again at the World Library and Information Congress in Athens (August 2019) and to continue as a force for communication, organization, and advocacy.
Marie O'Neill (chair), with Okerson, Cohen, Egeland, Schlosser, Brennan, Stadler