IFLA has pleasure in announcing the result of the postal ballot for the election of the Governing Board 2009:

  1. Jesús Lau (Mexico) (2nd term) 1199
  2. Sinikka Sipilä (Finland) (2nd term) 1123
  3. Barbara Schleihagen (Germany) (2nd term) 1063
  4. Helena Asamoah-Hassan (Ghana) (2nd term) 991
  5. Danielle Mincio (Switzerland) (2nd term) 859
  6. Qiang Zhu (China) 811
  7. Tone Eli Moseid (Norway) 797
  8. Donna Scheeder (United States) 770
  9. Paul Whitney (Canada) 763
  10. Pascal Sanz (France) (2nd term) 749
  11. Joaquín Selgas Gutiérrez (Spain) (2nd term) 726
  12. Yakov Shrayberg (Russian Federation) 672
  13. Susan McKnight (United Kingdom) 618
  14. Eva Semertzaki (Greece) 509
  15. Edward Swanson (United States) 397

There are 10 vacancies for elected places on the Governing Board. The first 10 candidates in order of the number of votes cast are therefore elected. They are indicated in the list above. They serve on the Governing Board for the term 2009-2011.

The total number of valid ballot papers received for the vacancies on the Governing Board was 527, a return rate of 43%.  This represents 1953 votes, 62% of the possible total.

Dr. P.J. Moree and Drs. J.J.M. Bos, the scrutineers appointed by the Governing Board, are satisfied that the above result is correct, following an accurate count of the ballot papers.

For more information about the individual candidates, please see their Statements of Candidacy.

Jennefer Nicholson
Secretary General
June 2009